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Made in Monaco

“Les Aéronautes de Monaco”: Taking Flight in the World’s First Eco Hot Air Balloon

Les Aéronautes de Monaco

“Les Aéronautes de Monaco” brings together two of Monaco’s favourite preoccupations: sport and environmental conservation. Members of this unique club are used to literally having their heads in the clouds, as it is a club for hot air ballooning. The team has repeatedly taken part in many competitions and last year they took first place in the eco-friendly Balloon concept …

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Rooftop veggie gardens? Easy!

Jessica Sbaraglia with Prince Albert

For Jessica Sbaraglia, founder of «Terre de Monaco», nothing is impossible! This motivated young athlete joins a long list of entrepreneurial Monegasque women. She wanted to create something that Monaco hasn’t seen for centuries—urban agriculture. And with the help of local businesses and a crowd-funding campaign, and the blessing of Prince Albert II, Jessica inaugurated her organic enterprise in 2016. …

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Pierre Frolla – a man who flies in water

Pierre Frolla

What is the story behind Pierre Frolla the freediver? Do you think a person can only fly in the sky? You will surely be surprised to know that the Monegasque freediver Pierre Frolla learned to soar through the boundless space of the sea. Pierre has long conquered the sea, being a world champion and an international record setter in freediving. …

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Made in Monaco: Formaplas-Plascopar, the company that holds our products together


Something you may have never thought about when buying expensive cosmetic products is the quality of the plastic container that holds it. One company, that has a special link to the Principality, is committed to ensuring that our products are contained with the finest quality of materials and designs. HelloMonaco continues its series on the brands, inventions and ideas that …

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Made in Monaco: Sacome Conti knows how to satisfy the many coffee enthusiasts

Sacome Conti

The world of coffee is extensive and varied and will always be in high demand. It is a product that is enjoyed all over the world and the quality of the coffee from the bean to the machine must be of the top quality to satisfy the many coffee enthusiasts. The Principality of Monaco is actually home to a company …

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