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Anti-Aging By Dr Branova: Rejuvenation and Gene Regulation Secrets of the 21st Century

We’ve already introduced our readers to Monaco professor Elena Baranova. Today, she talks to us about her own products.

When did you come up with the idea to create your own products?

I started consulting my patients in nutrigenetics and nutrigenomics in the early 2000s. I realized back then that very few drugs on the market were actually doing the job.

According to official French statistics, 97 % of drugs on the international micronutrient market are not efficient. There are two reasons for this lack of efficiency: either low dosage and wrong composition or wrong usage.

That’s how I started making my own preparations. Writing a formula was not a problem, I knew exactly what it took. But it was much more difficult to find quality raw materials and the right production capacities. I did not want my products to even feel like drugs. This is all about wellness, a completely different story that has nothing to do with illnesses or medication. Taking vitamins should be as enjoyable and aesthetic as using nice cosmetics.

All my preparations are made in Europe. We only work with the best producers for both raw materials and packaging. The capsules are produced in Germany, Holland and Belgium. Liquids are produced in Switzerland. Our capsules are professionally dozed to be taken once per day, with packs of 30 for one month. There is no need for lots of packaging these days, everything is efficient and compact.

What kind of products are you offering?

Among others, we have Energy I, a new generation of antioxidant used for restoring cellular respiration, energy balance and protecting blood vessels. It is also great for boosting your energy levels.

Dr Branova

Energy I is taken when you need it, at any time to keep you active throughout the day. It also has another interesting property, for those who consume alcohol, 1–2 pills are enough to relieve hangover symptoms. It is good for improving brain function, increasing cellular respiration, stimulating DNA connections. This is an antioxidant of the new generation. Energy I is suitable for smokers since it restores cellular respiration and prevents vessel spasms. It is also efficient for people who have experienced a heart attack or a stroke and other serious illnesses.

Another group is detox products for genetic stimulation and genetic profile transformation. At 35+, no matter what your genetic resource is, gene activity is starting to slow down. Cellular detox and gene stimulation are therefore vital. Lycogebe (Detox II Stimulator) with a high concentration of a lycopene is a highly efficient antioxidant. It is usually taken as a 2-month course and its effect is highly visible.

We also have a special product line for sleep restoration. Our products work as neurotransmitter restorers and memory activators.

There is still another group of products used for rejuvenation, anti-aging and hormonal regulation, like resveratrol. We use activated resveratrol for our vascular and brain health courses, for triggering anti-aging and as an additional gene regulator.

These products are particularly good for women producing toxic estrogens that are responsible for breast cancers. It is actually preventing certain female oncology cases. It is also efficient with male smokers.

We have a product from a highly activated vitamin B range. It helps DNA functioning and regulates our homocysteine ​​level — the lower it is, the better. High homocysteine is responsible for cardiovascular spasms and heart attacks. All these problems actually have nothing to do with cholesterol levels, as we used to think, but with homocysteine.

Homocysteine also affects brain vessels, memory, working capacity, gastrointestinal functioning and reproductive health for women.

We also offer quantum genomics liquid solutions. These are very powerful preparations based on various microelements, made in Switzerland. I have been working with a famous Swiss scientist and a former NASA astrophysicist for more than 10 years. Our cooperation resulted in the creation of new genomic products which use highly activated sulfur. These are practically alchemical recipes assuring a high detox effect. They are taken as a short course of maximum 2- 3 weeks due to their strong effect.

All in all, our products are one of the kind, with their specially protected formulas.

Baranova Monaco
Phone: +377 97 98 04 66
Address: Villa Bianca, 29, rue du Portier, 98000 Monaco

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