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Sport in the City: Cycling

Together with the World Class Monaco fitness club we are starting a new series of articles about sports and useful innovations in the fitness industry. Today we will talk about cycling, which is rapidly gaining popularity.

What are the most important advantages of the sport of cycling? Find it out from fitness-manager, organiser of the first “Tour of the World Class” ride, Laurent Devivi in this interview.

At any age

The significant advantage of the cycling is that you can start training at any age. Classes have a positive effect on the cardiovascular system and are good for all ages. Moreover, the bike is recommended for those who are advised not to overload or put too much pressure on their joints. You can begin to exercise on a bicycle or stationary bike. You don’t need to be a professional sports person: the type of training can be matched to a person with any level of fitness.

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Weight correction

Cycling is one of the best and most enjoyable ways to lose weight. Even a small amount of cycling can help to speed up the body’s metabolism and therefore speed up weight loss and fat burning. For example, a person weighing 65-75 kg with the riding speed of 18-25 km/h burns 550-600 kcal per hour. Getting rid of fatty tissue in the problem zones (hips, waist and back) can happen due to the recovery of muscle mass. As you know, 1 kg of muscle burns 13 calories, and 1 kg of fat per day burns 4-5 calories. Cycling makes your body use its own fat reserves and also changes the cholesterol balance, which reduces the risk of atherosclerosis.

Safe workload

The body position during cycling helps to distribute the load across multiple parts of the body, eliminating excess pressure on knee joints. So, the load is distributed not only to the feet (like when running), but also to the arms and back. Besides, by slowly pressing on the pedal there is no impact, known as the explosive load. It is very important for people who have problems with the spine or joints of the feet. As you can see, this sport is not only suitable for people who are overweight, but also those with a sore hip.

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Cycling sportswear

First of all, your clothing has to be comfortable. Another important requirement is quality. As there can be very intensive sweating during the class, the fabric must allow for good ventilation. Cycling clothes can be chosen according to season: summer (lightweight and ventilated) and winter (inside made of thick fabric with fleece and the outside made of breathable fabric with long sleeves). You can use cycling shoes or just fitness shoes. Do not neglect to wear a helmet.

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Cycle with World Class

To get the desired result, I recommend training 2-3 times a week for at least an hour. There are group classes and personal training, cycling and spinning classes. If you are cycling, then a personal trainer is the perfect solution. They will supply the correct technique and pick the right load, will make an individual plan and monitor your progress throughout the training cycle. In our clubs, training is held both outdoors and in the halls. The love of sport at World Class has no borders! Therefore, we regularly organise various activities. They allow you to combine training under the guidance of qualified coaches, communication with cheerful and active like-minded people and relaxation in the company of friends.

This advice helps highlight the advantages of the sport and will hopefully inspire you to take up cycling and enjoy these fantastic benefits.

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