Wellness and Beauty

Is Health The New Wealth? Vitality The New Luxury? When Your Body Becomes Your Most Valuable Asset…

Transform Your Life with Metabolic Balance

Diet, Exercise, Sleep … It’s all intuitive, but it takes inner discipline to follow the call of nature.

HelloMonaco had an exclusive conversation with the Manager of Metabolic Balance International based in Monaco, Silvia Mischler and the expert in nutrition, Laurent Causse. 

HelloMonaco: Ms. Mischler, you are the Manager of Metabolic Balance International based in Monaco and oversee the activities of a program available in 18 languages and 40 countries. Those are very impressive numbers. What makes Metabolic Balance special? 

Silvia Mischler: Metabolic Balance is a nutrition program originally developed by Dr. Wolf Funfack, a German physician who specialized in internal medicine. The goal was to help participants regain health and vitality without prescription medication. That was 25 years ago. From the program initially developed for the patients of his practice, it has now become a program with a medical-scientific approach that is used worldwide.

Wellness and Beauty

HM: Can you briefly explain what Metabolic Balance is and how it works? 

Silvia Mischler: I would like to pass this question directly to our nutritionist, Mr. Laurent Causse. He is responsible for the activities in France and supports all French-speaking areas in collaboration with Dr. Souveton, a nutrition and sports medicine specialist. 

Laurent Causse: Metabolic Balance is a nutrition program developed to address metabolic disorders and permanently alleviate a variety of chronic health conditions. The positive side effects include weight reduction without the well-known yo-yo effect. It is considered a pioneer and leading holistic program that sets itself apart from other metabolic programs. It works with natural foods that can be found in any supermarket. Metabolic Balance places special emphasis on the scientific evaluation of the nutritional concept. In addition to analyzing blood values, the participants’ health status, pre-existing conditions, and current medication intake are carefully considered. The guidance provided by coaches also plays a significant role.

Wellness and Beauty

HM: Coaching? How exactly does that work? 

Laurent Causse: Support and professional coaching are essential pillars of Metabolic Balance. It’s not enough to simply hand out a plan and assume that everything will work by itself. During the process of transition, which can sometimes be perceived as intense, there will be questions arising and these need answers that make sense. We walk with our participants hand in hand and do not leave them alone in this process. This provides support, security, and above all, a genuine foundation for success. This is what sets this program apart from other methods and diets, making it truly unique and personalized. Participants report a significant improvement in their quality of life, sustainable weight loss, and often a considerable improvement in their symptoms.

HM: Speaking of health, what exact influence does nutrition have on health? 

Laurent Causse: From ancient times until the beginning of the 20th century, nutrition was the most powerful tool of medicine. Nowadays, many previously almost unknown diseases have become widespread. More than 70 percent of all current ailments are related to nutrition. What we do today and what we eat influences us more than we might initially believe. The correct nutrition helps us stay healthy or become healthy. It helps us lose weight in a healthy way, improve mobility and fitness, and support a healthy appearance. It reduces health costs in the long term and has significant psychological and aesthetic value. Furthermore, health is a prerequisite for aging with dignity. A conscious lifestyle and a healthy diet help us to face age-related challenges with style.

HM: Speaking of style and aesthetics, what does nutrition have to do with beauty? 

Laurent Causse: Those who eat healthily look better. Our grandmothers already knew that. The skin is also a reflection of a well-functioning metabolism and nutrient absorption. The best and most expensive cream is of little use if important nutrients are missing in the body. In this sense, this program, combined with a conscious lifestyle and regular skincare, is the best and most cost-effective beauty and anti-aging program in the long run.

HM: How and where can one learn more about this program? 

Silvia Mischler: Metabolic Balance collaborates with doctors, nutritionists, and holistic practitioners. This program is of superior quality and has a sustainable approach. I am not aware of any program that goes into such depth. The Metabolic Balance website www.metabolic-balance.mc also provides an overview of coaches applying the program in their practice. Furthermore, we are always open to new collaboration partners and constantly expand the network of our certified coaches. Perhaps you know a doctor, nutritionist, or holistic practitioner who is interested in joining the coach network of Metabolic Balance? We are open to connecting.

HM: Ms. Mischler, Mr. Causse, thank you for your time and the interview.

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