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Sport in the City: elastic training bands – effective and modern!

HelloMonaco continues its series about Big Sport in the small Principality. This time we  were able to talk to Nicolas Fache, personal trainer at World Class Monaco who shared some secrets about how to get perfect training using only superband and if it is useful. Do you need some advice probably on that? Read then the interview with Nicolas Fache.

Are elastic training bands a fitness innovation or have they appeared before?

The so-called band amortizer or “superband” appeared on the fitness market a long time ago and is considered an important part of the family of equipment of expanders or amortizers. A distinctive feature of this equipment, in comparison with the most commonly used free weights where you only have the overcoming of gravity, is the use of the elastic force of the strap. In the case of working out with this type of equipment, the force will always increase as the amortizer or strap stretches.

Why do you think this “training tool” has become a trend?

The growing popularity of elastic training bands is associated with their simplicity of use, the wide variety of exercises that you can practice with them, portability and cheapness. Rubber straps are classed as small equipment for functional training. Their popularity really has grown, as well as the sales of different tools for this type of training.

World Class Monaco
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Do the “superbands” measure up in popularity and versatility to the TRX bands? What is the advantage of an elastic strap?

Compared with TRX, there are a lot of significant differences. The first one is related to the principles of anatomy used in TRX. The second difference is that TRX allows the trainer to regulate the work out, based on the individual characteristics of the athlete. In addition, TRX cannot be used to facilitate exercises such as pull-ups and push-ups.

The main advantages of elastic straps are simplicity, and the use of different types of superbands, depending on different types of tension, makes it possible to adapt this equipment to absolutely any user. Furthermore, there exist a huge number of various exercises suitable for different purposes depending on the goals of the person.

World Class Monaco
@World Class Monaco

Can anybody use the elastic superband or there are some precautions that need to be taken? How does one choose the elastic amortizer correctly?

For people who have problems with their spine or musculoskeletal system, training with a superband should be approached very carefully. The selection of exercises should be carried out together with a personal trainer and a doctor. Using them for the first time, select the easiest band and gradually go to the more powerful amortizers later. Try to control the trajectory of motion, especially in the extreme positions of the amplitude. Since training with loops assumes a free trajectory of movement and requires a good intermuscular coordination, I advise you to contact a personal trainer when learning new exercises.

Do World Class clients use superbands in training? For what type of exercises?

In the network of World Class fitness clubs this equipment is represented in almost all our clubs. Our clients are happy to use it in various parts of their training programs from classical exercises such as squatting and stretching, to working out and throwing techniques in single combat and also imitating “Gravitron” exercises.

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