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44th International Circus Festival of Monte-Carlo from the 16th to the 26th January 2020

The great circus party is getting nearer as the Organising Committee of the 44th International Circus Festival of Monte-Carlo has decided this year to pay a special tribute to horses, as their beauty and elegance has a universal and enduring appeal for all audiences.

– Maicol Errani, son-in-law of Fredy Knie Junior, will present an equestrian display that is unique in the world. With 30 horses trained by Fredy Knie Junior, all of them from the stables of the famous Swiss circus Knie which is celebrating its 100th anniversary, the big top will transform into a temple dedicated to horses. This act is truly an equestrian ballet!

– Sergey Nesterov will work with 5 white tigers. Thanks to the quality of his training, his gentleness and the trust he has managed to build between himself and his partners, he really gets the best out of them. There is a genuine bond between the big cats and the trainer, who can even lie on top of the five white tigers whilst they stretch out in the ring at the end of his act.

44th International Circus Festival of Monte-Carlo

– The reprise clown duty this year will be entrusted to the “Prince of Clowns” Henry Ayala whose many jokes will have you laughing throughout the evening. This artiste has an extremely wide range of skills and will demonstrate how good he is as a funambulist!

– Finally, the Dandys will impress everyone on the Russian Bar with a series of technical feats: triple forward and back somersaults as well as triple piked forward and back somersaults combined with pirouettes … it’s never been seen before!

Come to admire the internationally-renowned artistes who will take part in the 44th International Circus Festival of Monte-Carlo!

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