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Exclusive BIG ART FESTIVAL again in luxurious Monaco

On August 2, the Yacht Club of Monaco will host a unique gala evening with the participation of Valery Meladze. The BIG ART FESTIVAL in principality became a tradition gathering people from all around the world every year!

BIG ART FESTIVAL is a special phenomenon, an exclusive and unmatched format of events. Red carpet, diamonds’ shine, celebrities and leading business figures. Events organized by BERIN IGLESIAS ART are often covered in major international glossy magazines.

The festival locations have more than once been the iconic places – fabulous landscapes of Forte dei Marmi, the fantastic Capri island, surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty, the Yacht Club de Monaco, – one of the most elite clubs in the Principality of Monaco, D Maris Bay hotel in Turkey, luxurious ski resort Courchevel, incredible new Royal Atlantis hotel, famous Burj Al Arab and Armani hotel in Dubai.

Top artists and musicians from different countries are the star participants of the BIG ART FESTIVAL: Andrea Bocelli, Nicole Scherzinger, Seal, Jamie Cullum, HAUSER, Andrea Griminelli and others performed many times on the stage of summer BIG ART festivals.

A special highlight of the festival is the haute cuisine menu. The best chefs of top hotels offer the guests delicacies that could delight even most discerning gourmets.. Black caviar, champagne, lobsters – gastronomic delights and impressions are an indispensable part of every BIG ART FESTIVAL gala night.

The red carpet is another beautiful festival tradition. In the camera flashes of glossy magazines there pass celebrities, top models, fashion and show-business icons. On the red carpet of the festival, one meets world known celebrities: Andrea Bocelli and Veronica Berti, Ermanno Zanini, Michele Morrone, Caroline Scheufele, Steven Seagal, John Travolta, Nusret and others. In addition, the festival has become a kind of a business club, a meeting place for businessmen and entrepreneurs, a location where networking takes place at the highest level among the most influential people.

The most luxurious club of Monaco

The venue for the festival will be the Yacht Club of Monaco. A luxurious building made of glass and steel, resembling a huge multi-deck liner, a symbol of freedom and beauty, as if hovering over the harbour of the Principality of Monaco.

Yacht Club of Monaco is an elite meeting place for the most demanding yachtsmen, millionaires and billionaires, a modern project with magnificent decks, a swimming pool, terraces with gorgeous views of the Mediterranean bay.

Georgian star on the stage

Here, in an atmosphere of prestige and exclusivity, a unique live concert of the main romantic of the stage, Valery Meladze, will take the stage. Valery Meladze is a mega-popular singer whose work wins the hearts of millions of fans. His lyrical ballads and incendiary hits are familiar to everyone, his charisma and vocal temperament are recognizable from the first notes, his performances always give the audience incredible impressions and amazing emotions.

It is difficult to list all the golden hits of Valery Meladze – there are dozens of them, and on this magical summer evening, guests will be able to hear a live performance of these and many other favourite songs, exclusively and specially for the BIG ART FESTIVAL.

The menu of the gala dinner this evening will also be special. Exquisite gourmet cuisine from the best chefs will surprise even the most discerning gourmets – exquisite gastronomic perfection awaits guests, created especially for a summer evening in Monaco.

But that’s not all! Magnificent timbre of French singer and star of The Voice TV show Melissa Maugran accompanied by master guitar playing of Celine Dos Santos will create a special atmosphere this summer evening. The presenter of the gala night – a renowned international and multilingual event presenter Pietro Polidori.

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