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Fabrizio Moretti’s new Art Gallery in Monaco

Not to be confused with the musician with the same name from the New York band The Strokes. The Fabrizio Moretti who is settling in Monaco is a star in the art world. A prominent specialist in Tuscan art and ancient painting from the 14th to the 18th centuries, the 40-year-old collector, son of an antique dealer, grew up in a Florentine world. A gallery in Florence and another in London have given him international influence. He chose to complete his triptych by occupying 200 square meters at the Park Palace, overlooking the Place du Casino.

The former premises of Credit Suisse will now house other treasures, with the aim of becoming a new cultural center.

Fabrizio Moretti Gallery
Fabrizio Moretti Gallery. Source:

“I think this is the most beautiful gallery I have at the moment,” said the gallery owner, after an opening evening that brought together many collectors established in the Principality. “I am glad I had such an opportunity to open this place that I imagined as a private home.”

A change in the Principality

His first memory in Monaco was in 2001, for the Biennale des Antiquaires, which he participated in with his father.

“Today, artistically, we feel that we are in a process of change in Monaco. The Principality has the assets and the clientele to be an artistic place. There is the possibility here of meeting people and customers in a friendly way, not like in the big capitals.”

Luca Della Robbia
At his gallery opening, Fabrizio Moretti exhibited some remarkable ceramic pieces by Luca Della Robbia, one of the masters of the Italian Renaissance. Source:

His recent favorites in the Principality? “The Francis Bacon exhibition was incredible. In New York, the public would have lined up to see it. I also like the work of Cristiano Raimondi at the NMNM and projects from Art Monte-Carlo.”

Currently in his gallery, Fabrizio Moretti is presenting a series of impressive ceramics by Luca Della Robbia, one of the Renaissance fathers. And during the summer, the gallery will unveil paintings from masters of Impressionism.

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