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Uncovering the Royal Guards Story

In 2004, the guards celebrated the 100th anniversary of the start of their story as guards to the royal family. In 2017, the guard ‘company’ celebrates its bicentenary. The exposition prepared by Thomas Fouilleron and Cecile Degos will be open until October 2017.

Prince’s Carabinieri

This year is actually the 200th anniversary of when they originally came to be; on the 8th of December 1817 under the reign of Prince Honoré IV, they were created by Honoré Grimaldi, the future Honoré V, to protect and serve the Principality.

A memorable day that gave way to this exposition that is open to any visitors of the grand apartments of the Prince’s Palace or the library of the Sovereign House.

The exposition will display archives, including the oldest portrait of a guard, Adrien Medecin, from 1817, as well as uniforms worn by the guards throughout the last two centuries.

Prince’s Carabinieri
HSH Prince Albert II visits the exhibition @

Memories will be shown relating to each reigning prince of the time, and also snippets of moments in history, such as when the hymn of the civil guard became the national hymn in 1822 and historical uniform headpiece changes.


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