Club Vivanova Founder Bradley Mitton & the Sixth Edition Luxury Lifestyle Gala. An Exclusive Interview

Club Vivanova Charity Gala Postponement. Saturday 6th June 2020
In caring for their community and with sincere regard to public health issues, Club Vivanova and the Fairmont Monte Carlo have postponed the Sixth Edition 2020 Luxury Lifestyle Charity Gala to Saturday 6th June 2020. All purchased partnerships, tickets and room bookings will be automatically transferred to this new date and they thank you, the Fairmont Monte Carlo and their gala partners for the on-going support.

Bradley Mitton is the founder of Club Vivanova, a dynamic business club that organizes exquisite and gastronomic evenings. HelloMonaco met with Bradley to discuss the details behind his latest gala event and the attractions and program for this epic event, which will take place for the Sixth Edition on Saturday 4th April in the Salle d’Or Ballroom of the Fairmont Monte Carlo Hotel. Moreover, he spoke about the concept on which his club, that organizes 60 events per year, has been successfully based on for many years.

Olga Taran: Bradley, it’s been five years since we had the last interview with you. How has the Club Vivanova changed since that time?

Bradley Mitton: Yes, and time flies; and we have really developed and enhanced the club. We have increased the amount of events that we do, we have grown the membership, but at the same time we have stood by our concept which is win-win for all involved; it is kind of giving more than taking, where all the partners, locations and members develop the club by supporting each other. All of the restaurants and hotels that we work with receive great new connections and new clients. As for the members of the club, they have a possibility to participate in wine dinners at great value ticket prices and they meet lots of lovely new people. At the same time, I develop my wine business and the club.

Founder of the Vivanova Club Bradley Mitton
@ Club Vivanova

Olga Taran: I am actually very surprised at how many events you are doing during the year.

Bradley Mitton: Yes, sixty around Europe and they are all fully-booked.

Olga Taran: Impressive. And how many members do you have now?

Bradley Mitton: We have about 400 members. And they range over three different levels. There is the individual membership, where people can join and socialise and we offer several complimentary member-only events. We have a corporate membership which means that when the business joins they can showcase at an event, so they can show their services, we help them network and develop their brand. And then at the top, we have the Platinum platform, which is for those who really want to develop their network on a continuous basis with us. There are eight such members based in Monaco and in the EU: for example Monacair, Aston Martin Monaco and Metabolic Balance.

Founder of the Vivanova Club Bradley Mitton
@ Club Vivanova

Olga Taran: And how much is the membership?

Bradley Mitton: The membership runs for 365 days and the individual plan is €120 per year. The corporate is €450 and there you have an event included where you can partner. Then we have the platinum membership and that is flexible, arranged around what client expects in promotion.
Olga Taran: I alway see you with your son; is he helping you a lot? How old is he?

Bradley Mitton: Yes, Jackson is twenty years old. He has finished studying and he is working with me now, helping to develop our wine business on the French Riviera. He recently set up an account relationship with BrewDog, Nice; it is a new craft beer pub. So we are doing an event with him. He is always there for me, and I am always there for him not only in business – but in life.

Founder of the Vivanova Club Bradley Mitton
@ Club Vivanova

Olga Taran: Thinking about the upcoming gala, how will it be different from the previous events?

Bradley Mitton: First of all we upgraded the entertainment, and we downgraded the fashion show. Every year we organise a fashion show, but this time it will be around the tables. It will be an interactive show during dinner, so people can talk to the models, people can stop and feel the clothing.

We do a beautiful Champagne aperitif and then we have an amazing dinner for which we have already had the menu prepared with the chef Didier Aniès from the Fairmont. We paired this very carefully as usual with wines from around the world. After the dinner we have a charity auction, and we do an after party when we involve a partner from Berlin Vodka23 and this helps to liven up things. We are flying in a six-piece entertainment group from London called High on Heels, they will be doing the after party. They are playing in all of luxury clubs, in Europe, in Marbella, in Ibiza, and they have played in Monaco before. Also there is a charity auction in the gala. We really want to raise money for the two charities that we work with.

Founder of the Vivanova Club Bradley Mitton

@ Club Vivanova

Olga Taran: What kind of charities?

Bradley Mitton: They are both Monaco based. The Chances for Children Foundation is run by Gabrielle Crump; we have worked with them for about four years, they run an orphanage in Uganda. All of the kids are orphans, most of the parents had AIDS/HIV, and these children had nothing, they are off the street and this foundation gives them a home, a family, an education, health, food, and love. So we fund them and we also sponsor six of those children for the whole year. We collect all of that money at the gala and half of the money goes to them and the other half goes to The Animal Fund and that is run also in Monaco by Berit Legrand. TAF has been involved with helping sealife and now they are mainly focused on keeping oceans clean from plastic. They invest their funds into schools, teaching kids about the importance of the Oceans and other issues around this plastic dilemma. Also they do beach clean-ups, in Monaco and in Italy, and in France.

After all, the important thing is that everybody has a good time, everybody has a great dinner, great wines in good company. And we charge €200. This year we have VIP tickets for €300. We include champagne service and special seat placement. Moreover, we have some VIP packages where we sell whole tables.

Founder of the Vivanova Club Bradley Mitton
@ Club Vivanova

Olga Taran: What about the auction? Do you already have the auction lots?

Bradley Mitton: Yes, we have some auction lots: weekends in Saint-Tropez, we have a special offer from a famous chef and from Aston Martin. Other lots we will reveal in March.

Olga Taran: And how many guests are expected?

Bradley Mitton: 400 plus. The first year we had 150, we grew and grew; last year we had 400, so we would like to reach this number again.

Olga Taran: And how are ticket sales going? How can people buy them?

Bradley Mitton: Tickets can be purchased online at We have already sold 200 tickets with seven weeks to go.

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