The founder of ‘Fly me to Tuscany’: there are so many reasons to choose Tuscany

Tuscany, that enchanting region of central Italy known for its rolling hills, lush vineyards and stunning landscapes. It’s the birthplace of the world’s most iconic Renaissance art and architecture, from the leaning Tower of Pisa to the majestic Duomo in Florence. 

Hello Monaco and Allure Luxury Group cordially invite you to join an exclusive conversation with Donatella Nonni, the visionary founder of Fly me to Tuscany. 

Donatella Nonni
Donatella Nonni, founder of ‘Fly me to Tuscany’. Photo credit: Senio Firmati

HelloMonaco: What is so great about Tuscany? Why should Tuscany be your next destination? 

Donatella Nonni: There are so many reasons to choose Tuscany! Fly me to Tuscany can offer exclusive experiences in the name of art and history, relaxation or good food such as private lunches inside a castle from the 1500s, raising a toast on the private terrace of a Medieval tower overlooking one of the most beautiful squares in Italy, walking through the rolling hills or embarking on an eager excursion in the marble quarries but not forgetting of course the great food and wine wealth.

Of course, there would be no shortage of fine wines, including Chianti, Brunello di Montalcino or the famous Supertuscans to be tasted directly at the wineries in an exclusive and private setting.

In a little over an hour you will land directly in the wineries to start your day which will give you much to talk about. At this point all you have to do is book your vacation in Toscana.

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HM: What is unique about Fly me to Tuscany as a way to explore Tuscany? 

Donatella: When one speaks about Tuscany one cannot help but mention its good wine and genuine food as well as, of course, its breathtakingly scenic rolling hills. Fly me to Tuscany was created to offer people staying on the French Riviera the possibility to experience the essence of Tuscany in the most exclusive, easiest and most comfortable way possible.

A day trip by private helicopter will bring you from the Côte d’Azur straight to a historical wine estate in the heart of the Tuscan countryside. 

Each of my tours can be tailor-made to your unique tastes and interests. Do you want to discover the Tuscan wineries everyone will be talking about next year? I can make it happen.

If wine is your passion, I will work with you to select the perfect wineries that fit your unique likes and dislikes. 

Rest assured, I bring my signature joie de vivre to every single tour, whether it is a once-in-a-lifetime bucket list adventure or the tenth time you’ve been to Tuscany. All my tours are authentic and memorable experiences that will stay with you long after you return home. 

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HM: How complicated is the booking process? 

Donatella: Once the offer has been chosen, the customer can confirm the quote received and make the secure transaction by credit card either by phone or online, or send a bank transfer to receive the vouchers directly to their inbox.

Fly me to Tuscany agents are always reachable by phone and e-mail to meet any kind of request and to offer their advice and intervention in any situation the customer may find himself in.

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HM: Donatella, you are a professional sommelier. What is considered the most famous wine of Tuscany? 

Donatella: Brunello and Chianti are wines that make Tuscan wine production appreciated throughout the world even if in recent years Supertuscans such as Sassicaia, Ornellaia with its Masseto selection, Guado al Tasso have become more and more established and are approaching in terms of appreciation towards an international market.

HM: What makes Tuscany wine so remarkable? 

Donatella: The Tuscan terroir offers everything that goes to produce wines of excellence, exposure to the sun of the entire region, soil rich in limestone, slightly ventilated areas whether on the hills or near the sea and all this creates optimal conditions to give the wine elegance and finesse. The beauty of the native grape variety such as sangiovese, both in its transformation and genetic variation, are characteristics that make it multifaceted, fascinating, with ever-changing nuances and not replicable elsewhere.

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HM: When and how did Fly me to Tuscany collaborate with Allure Luxury Group?

Donatella: I had the pleasure of meeting Irena, founder of Allure Luxury Group, during a reception in Monaco on the occasion of the Grand Prix and we immediately took a liking to each other but the real bonding as per fine tradition, happened while eating and drinking while sitting in a restaurant!

Study, expertise and professionalism are what distinguishes Allure Luxury Group, a team of people attentive and meticulous in bringing Italian excellence to the market.

HM: Thank you for this exceptional invitation to explore Tuscany, and as Bon Jovi’s legendary song suggests, let’s “Make a Memory.”

Official Representative in Principality of Monaco:
Irena Kazimirskaya, Allure Luxury Group srl
+33 68 086 2069

Fly me to Tuscany
CEO & Founder
Donatella Nonni
+39 3318975551

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