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2024’s Historic Version of the Monte Carlo Rally: Excitement Meets Nostalgia

The upcoming 26th Rallye Monte-Carlo Historique is set to captivate enthusiasts once again, boasting a diverse and authentic route that promises excitement and nostalgia. This 2024 edition is all about embracing the essence of the event, with the return of Glasgow and Milan as starting cities. The Automobile Club de Monaco (ACM) has orchestrated a captivating route that will test the mettle of participating crews, invoking the spirit of past legendary rallies.

The Historic rally, starting just three days after the conclusion of the 92nd Monte-Carlo Rally, will feature a challenging route that pays homage to the classic vehicles that have graced the event from 1911 to 1983. As the rally kicks off on January 31 from Glasgow, (and similarly a day later from Bad Homburg, Reims and Milan) the anticipation builds as they make their way to Monaco. The route will then take participants from the splendid gathering point in Monaco through iconic stages that hold a special place in the event’s history.

Day one is no stroll in the park, with Saturday, February 3, showcasing the Classification Leg from Monaco to Valence. This leg features four demanding Regularity Stages, including the awe-inspiring “Soleilhas – Castellane” with its breathtaking views of Lac de Chaudanne. The route winds through stunning landscapes, such as the renowned Col de Corobin and the charming Alpes-de-Haute-Provence prefecture.

Sunday, February 4, sees the action shift to Ardèche, with Part 1 of the Common Leg offering drivers a chance to relive historic stages like “Lyas – Pourchères,” a stage not used since the 90s. The route also pays tribute to the Jouanny Family at La Remise, and navigates the challenging “Freyssenet – Saint-Martial.”

The rally continues its journey through Diois and Baronnies on Monday, February 5, in Part 2 of the Common Leg. The majestic Col de Carabes and Col de Perty punctuate this leg, while the picturesque Buis les Baronnies offers a welcome pause for participants. The stages “Sainte-Jalle – Rémuzat” and “Recoubeau-Jansac – Pennes-le-Sec” present a thrilling challenge.

The Race Heads Back to Monaco

As the rally nears its conclusion, Tuesday, February 6, brings the start from Valence for Part 3 of the Common Leg. The iconic stages “Saint-Nazaire-le-Désert – La-Motte-Chalancon” and “Roussieux – Laborel” offer crews a chance to showcase their skill, with the final stage “Collongues – Col de Saint-Raphaël” leading participants to the Parc Fermé in Monaco.

The Grand Finale

The grand finale, the Final Leg on the night of February 6 to 7, features two legendary stages: “Sospel – Col de Turini” and “La Cabanette – Col de Braus.” With the return to Monaco at 1 am, the 26th Rallye Monte-Carlo Historique concludes, maintaining its tradition of excellence.

In true rally fashion, the gala evening and prize-giving ceremony on February 7 will provide a fitting conclusion to this extraordinary event, held at the prestigious Salle des Etoiles at Monte-Carlo Sporting Club. The spirit of history and competition lives on in the heart of this remarkable rally.

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