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2nd Monte-Carlo eRallye: Lightning strikes in the form of Tesla

50 enthusiastic competitors (40 electric vehicles and 10 hydrogen cars) had the opportunity to enter an unforgettable 2017 edition of the Monte-Carlo e-Rallye. And just like last edition, the magnificent XII Century Fontainebleau Castle hosted the departure of this challenging 1000-kilometre adventure with its magical finish in Monaco. The Chapiteau in Fontvieille was a fitting destination to welcome the arrival on Saturday October 27th of the 38 remaining cars racing to bring home the coveted trophy for the 2nd Monte-Carlo eRallye.

HelloMonaco was there to welcome them and encourage the teams in their preparation to race the final leg to Sospel.

2nd Monte-Carlo eRallye

And at 9 pm off they went, planning to return to the Chapiteau between midnight and 1 a.m. where Hello Monaco again awaited to applaud the winners as they entered the Chapiteau to take their bows.

Monaco wins the Communities prize

Representing the Mairie of Monaco the very experienced team of Christophe PONSET and Serge PASTOR driving the Volkswagen eGolf (N°12) won over all the community teams participating in the 2017 e-Rallye. Having assured for Monaco the prize racing against all the other communities the duo also secured a very creditable 8th place overall.

2nd Monte-Carlo eRallye

The Principality is pushing the envelope in all areas of clean mobility and the e-Rallye is one of the most important events highlighting advances in clean and quiet motoring. Within the Principality itself there are plans to reduce congestion on its main routes as well as reducing pollution and noise – and to do this also under the banner of clean mobility. This includes an ambitious project linking the Jardin Exotique and the Palace via a Gondola flyway.

Tesla wins overall in 2017

The race among the giant global manufacturing  brands for leadership in clean motoring is heating up and the Monte-Carlo e-Rallye is an opportuniy for them to show case the latest technological advances.

Last year’s race  – the 2016 e-Rallye was the first e-Rallye under its present name and Toyota had made its mark winning with its hydrogen powered vehicle. Toyota was followed by two teams from Renault who demonstrated that innovative clean mobility powered by electricity does not have to come at a hefty price tag. This bodes well for European manufacturing and it is good to see that German engineering is not the only game in town in future.

2nd Monte-Carlo eRallye

Of course one year later the brand to watch has to be Tesla and true to form as the favourite Tesla was the overall winner in this year’s 2017 e-Rallye. BMW was carrying the flag for the famous German brands and made sure that Tesla did not have it all their own way. Coming in second to Tesla, BMW gave the favourite an exciting run for their money. And Toyota is still throwing down the gauntlet, refusing to be counted out, coming in a creditable third.

Europe has been given a boost by Monte Carlo both in 2017 and 2016 with BMW on the podium this year and two Renault entries on the podium last year.

The question everyone is asking is “will they be able to take the winning trophy away from Tesla in 2018.”


And the personalities who are the heros of 2017:

-Didier Malga (FRA) / Anne Valérie Bonnel (FRA)-Tesla S
-Piotr Moson (FRA) / Jérémie Delran (FRA) – BMW I3
-Frédéric Mlynarczyck (FRA) / Christophe Marquès (FRA) – Toyota Miraï

HelloMonaco was at the Fairmont Hotel to take one last look at the winning E cars and applaud the winners as they went to the the Salle de la Mer to celebrate and receive their rewards.

2nd Monte-Carlo eRallye

And what does the Automobile Club of Monaco have in store for us in 2018 ? With perfect timing on the global stage, Monte Carlo has claimed its position as a leader in clean mobility just as electric vehicles are capturing the imagination of the whole world. Will we see new brands competing in 2018? Mercedes is always looking for an opportunity to boost its image and is unlikely to allow BMW to get too far out in front in show case events – and  the Monte Carlo e-Rallye is the perfect place to secure a win.

Will Tesla, BMW and Toyota continue to walk away with the Laurels in Monte Carlo in 2018? We will see. One thing is certain – we can expect the Mairie of Monaco once again to fight hard for the Communities trophy.

Congratulations to Christophe PONSET and Serge PASTOR, congratulations to the Mairie of Monaco for winning against all the other communities this year. Show us what you can do yet again in 2018. For a small country Monaco is leaving a big footprint.

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