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3rd Monaco International Cat Show: No Less Than The Cat’s Whiskers

A cat wouldn’t be human if its rhythm hadn’t been upset by Covid. But in 2020 the felines decided enough is enough. Nothing would stop them strutting their stuff and the international cat show returned to the Principality. And now on September 17th and 18th this year we have had the 2022 edition of the exhibition, the third such show organised by the De Gati De Mùnegu association in Monaco at Espace Léo-Ferré

Hello Monaco was thrilled to be there to see those beauties who regularly preen themselves in competition. Purring with delight, prize feline pets took to Fontvielle to parade in front of judges including the best of the Burmese and Bengal favourites. And the occasion was an important one indeed one worthy of a partnership with “LOOF” (the Official Book of Feline Origins) and the Monegasque association “De Gati de Munegu, chaired by Sophie Harel for Monaco’s third international cat show at the Fontvieille marquee. 

Hundreds of cats on show in front of an international jury, in the hope for their breeders to garner valuable points in the pursuit of international recognition and prizes. Those hundreds are the best of 20.000 or so pedigrees who were reported registered to-date. Among them and popular at the show this year are the British Shorthair and Longhair, the Siberian and Sacred Birman. Do you want to know more about some of the most exquisite breeds on display before the judges . Here are four of them that caught the attention of HelloMonaco.

The Cornish Rex 

More than a thousand of these were born in France in the last ten years … so you might think it was called the French Rex. But it did in fact originate from Cornwall and it has a unique feature – its coat. The Cornish Rex has no hair except for down. Most breeds of cat have three different types of hair in their coats: the outer fur or “guard hairs”, a middle layer called the “awn hair” and the down hair or undercoat, which is very fine and about 1 cm long. So the Cornish Rex can look a little bald, but that doesn’t stop it having an enthusiastic following just as will the Selkirk Rex and the Devon Rex also seen at the show.

The Maine Coon 

America can hold its own against the European and renowned Asian breeds with the Maine Coon. Wow! or is that Meeow! for this large and sociable cat, hence its nickname, “the gentle giant”. It has an uneven two-layered coat over a silky satin undercoat, and a long, bushy tail.

Of course this gentle cat had an image not so gentle when playing Leo the church cat in the horror film adaptation of Stephen King’s novel.

But really a gentler cat you couldn’t wish for. 

The Kurilian Bobtail 

Acclaimed by both Japan and Russia the Kurilian Bobtail is a cat breed originating from the Kuril Islands, as well as Sakhalin Island and the Kamchatka peninsula. Short- or long-haired, it has a rounded body type and a distinct short, fluffy tail. It’s a relative rarity. In Monaco, it has in the past competed as Supreme champion and European champion. Its physical particularity is very apparent – the almost nonexistent tail. Recognized only since 2007 by the LOOF, the Kurilian are in demand, especially as it is a natural breed generally not prone to sickness. 

The Blue Bengal

An “aristocat” if ever there was one – being a blue bengal needs both parents to be “blue”. Originally they were a fierce breed sometimes akin to a panther and called miniature tigers. But over time with breeding the race has calmed down a lot. Their most other obvious feature remains its round spots. The Show helps us not to forget that in this troubled world cats need our help and especially in war-time.

Aid to Ukraine

Sophie Harel’s specialised store U Can U Gatu sent at least a ton and a half of animal feed to Ukraine. Ten transport boxes were also reported sent in support of the Ukrainian army dogs with the help of Help Ukraine Monaco. Thanks to the Show funds were able to be raised for further support to animals displaced or abandoned in Ukraine due to the current war.

Disabled Cats

And in war or in peace there are always disabled cats that can be so neglected. Therefore, thank goodness there is an animal protection association, Felix and Co, which is dedicated to disabled cats.

When not adoring the cute felines there were plenty of stands to visit. Included in those advertised were Farmina food, the stand of Au bout de la plume (toys for cats), a stand on canine and feline first aid and Oscar offering cosmetic products for dogs and cats.

Monaco’s Cat Show has really established itself as a prestige international Exposition. So much so that the Monaco Stamp Office made a stamp with the cooperation of the Monegasque association “De Gati de Munegu on the occasion of the first International show in Monaco. On the stamp is a Siberian cat called Jolly d’Artannes.

And now there is a new stamp showing a black smoke Egyptian Mau, named Galadhrim Queen Mazikeen. The Egyptian Mau is one of the most ancient cat breeds, known for its agility, elegance, and intelligence.

We look forward to the the next International Cat Show in the Principality and yet more fascinating stamps. Monaco’s Expo really is the Cat’s Whiskers!

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