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7th Meeting of the Committee for Graduate Employment in Monaco

On Thursday 15 December 2016, the Committee for Graduate Employment met for the 7th consecutive year, to present the results of its activities and decide upon the activities to be undertaken in 2017.

The Committee, which is presided over by the Minister of State, is comprised of 13 members, in addition to the Committee’s executive unit, which is under the authority of Stéphane Valeri, Minister of Health and Social Affairs, and led by Maryse Battaglia, Technical Advisor.

The Committee was established in February 2010 by the Prince’s Government and is in line with the wish of H.S.H. the Sovereign Prince to keep the intellectual wealth of young people in the Principality by offering young graduates, both Monegasques and denizens, opportunities in the private and public sectors in the Principality and enable graduates living abroad to return to Monaco.

The role of the executive unit is to assist young graduates who are Monegasques or residents and create linkages by making special contacts with businesses to facilitate graduates’ access to appropriate employment.

Stéphane Valeri recalled at this meeting that access to employment for young graduates is central to the concerns of the Prince’s Government.

He highlighted the Executive Unit’s very positive results since the establishment of the Committee:

  • 134 partnerships have been signed with businesses
  • 208 graduates, of which 101 are of Monegasque nationality, have found employment corresponding to their qualifications, and 89 are on open-ended contracts
  • 917 young graduates have been received by the Committee at a personalised interview to enable them to benefit from help with finding their first job at the end of their training
  • 143 graduates have benefitted from work experience required by their training course;
  • 160 young graduates have met with professionals to receive their advice on various specialisations.
Helping companies to hire staff

Companies which undertake to hire staff as part of this program sign a ‘State/Company’ Protocol Agreement.

In concrete terms, the company will have its employers’ social security contributions reimbursed for a maximum period of 2 years, as soon as the following cumulative conditions are fulfilled:

  • The young graduate has been put forward in accordance with the first paragraph of Article 4 of the Protocol Agreement: “The company undertakes to review all applications which are submitted to it by the State and to grant an interview to those candidates whose skills match the requirements of the post to be filled”
  • The hiring process complies with the legislation and regulations in force
  • The graduate is recruited on the basis of a fixed-term contract of at least two years, or a permanent contract
  • There is no direct or collateral family relationship up to the fourth degree between the individual hired and the company’s management
  • The person hired is not intended to replace an employee who has been made redundant

The assistance granted is paid directly to the employer on a quarterly basis, as reimbursement for all employers’ contributions paid to social agencies (32.96% of gross salary).

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