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A Grand Celebration of Culture and History: Monaco’s 75 Years with UNESCO

In a resplendent celebration of its 75th anniversary as a member of UNESCO, the Principality of Monaco demonstrated its enduring commitment to culture, education, and international cooperation. This milestone was marked with an array of events that reflected Monaco’s vibrant cultural heritage and its contributions to the global community.

A Night of Baroque Splendor at Versailles

Central to the festivities was a mesmerizing opera and theatre performance at the Royal Opera of the Palace of Versailles. The production, titled “Their Master’s Voice,” illuminated the lives of the Baroque-era composer Nicola Porpora and his renowned castrato students, Caffarelli and Farinelli. World-renowned mezzo-soprano Cecilia Bartoli and acclaimed actor John Malkovich headlined the event, intertwining theatrical narration with musical brilliance to honour these historical figures. Their performance, enriched by the Monte-Carlo Opera Chorus and the Musicians of the Prince, was set against the historically opulent backdrop of Versailles, captivating the audience with its blend of dramatic and musical excellence.

John Malkovich has expressed his passion for such productions, highlighting how work with musicians and singers is a fascinating challenge. As an actor, he feels that music will always be stronger than anything one can do on stage. He expresses this by an analogy that better to walk through a brick wall than play against music. Rather, Malkovich loves to play around the music.

A Culinary Celebration in Paris

The Permanent Delegation of Monaco to UNESCO had also celebrated with an exclusive dinner on April 12th, commemorating the exact date of Monaco’s accession to UNESCO on July 6, 1949. This gourmet event was a unique homage to youth and education, with culinary students from the Lycée Rainier III of Monaco preparing and serving the exquisite dishes. Under the guidance of their teachers, these young chefs showcased their talent and dedication, adding a vibrant, youthful energy to the celebration.

Prince Albert II attended alongside several UNESCO ambassadors and high-ranking officials from the Principality.

A Year-Long Celebration of International Cooperation

These events are part of a broader initiative by the Permanent Delegation of Monaco to UNESCO, aimed at highlighting the Principality’s international vocation and its contributions to UNESCO’s mission. Throughout the year, various Monegasque entities will participate in yet more activities and events.

International recognition

Monaco joined specialised institutions of the UN soon after their creation: the WHO on 8 July 1948; UNESCO on 6 July 1949; the IAEA on 19 September 1957. The Principality was granted observer status at the UN in 1956 and received full membership on 28 May 1993, when it became the 183rd member of the UN.

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