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A host of local and international personalities to be on hand for the first edition of PADEL BEST EXPO

Only a few days to go until the opening of the PADEL BEST EXPO! From 7 to 9 April 2024, Monaco’s Grimaldi Forum will be the setting for this prestigious international event dedicated to the world of Padel… organised by the Italian company BSG.

It’s an opportunity for lovers of this fast-growing sport to come together for three days in an exceptional setting, to enjoy a unique experience based around the sport they love so much!

It’s also a great way for fans to meet and talk to the various industry professionals on site (players, suppliers, brands, etc.). They all came together in the Principality to celebrate the first edition of PADEL BEST EXPO.

The Italian (Rome) company BSG, led by Roberta Ceccarelli, is behind the event and wants to use it to highlight the universality of Padel and the quality of its key members (both on and off the courts).

Roberta Ceccarelli – CEO of BSG: “The Padel Best Expo is a major exhibition dedicated to Padel, organised in the exceptional setting of the Principality of Monaco, an area bordering on the French market… which is recording significant figures for the development of the sport and the number of registered players.

This first edition will be a homage to Italian excellence, as the matrix of entrepreneurial initiative is Italian, but future editions will focus on others declinations as internationality is an integral part of the overall project. The Padel Best Expo will bring knowledge, innovation and new trends to the forefront… in order to highlight and promote Padel in its entirety. It’s a way of encouraging the public to discover and play this fun and friendly sport, which is expanding rapidly on an international scale…”.

Padel Best Expo - Monte-Carlo

The PADEL BEST EXPO will be organised around three main conceptual axes (as mentioned in the previous press release):

– The exposition (see details in the first announcement)
– FIP RISE MONACO of the CUPRA FIP TOUR 2024 (see details in the first announcement)
– Second edition of the GIVOVA FIVE PADEL CUP, directly inside the Grimaldi Forum (first details in the first announcement)

Roberta Ceccarelli – CEO of BSG: “This year’s GIVOVA FIVE PADEL CUP will be an event within an event, taking place within Padel Best Expo, the format we have created to promote Padel at 360 degrees. With its five tournaments, the GIVOVA FIVE PADEL CUP is at the heart of our organisation because it manages to involve athletes from different categories, but above all to convey values such as inclusion and social cohesion, which are very dear to BSG.

The participation of personalities from the world of football and other celebrities contributes to making this an internationally renowned event. The Padel Best Expo was therefore created to promote talent, innovation and new trends, but also to encourage a more complete and conscious approach to Padel, a sport for all.”

The five competitions that will make up this GIVOVA FIVE PADEL CUP :

– CLUB PADEL CUP, with international players

Selection method: Several clubs from different countries played in tournaments… the winners (pairs of players) were selected to take part in this competition.

– YOUNG CLUB PADEL CUP, with the most promising (young) players from several international clubs. Highlighting the new generation.

– WOMEN’S TOURNAMENT (winners of tournaments organised by MOVIMENTO

PADEL FEMMINILE, an association dedicated to amateur female players)

A number of world legends will be in attendance, including former AC Milan striker Andriy Shevchenko (football), winner of the 2004 Golden Ball… Ambassador for “Football for Ukraine”, part of the funds raised will be donated to his foundation.
The Barbagiuans of Monaco, a group founded by HSH Prince Albert II and now chaired by Louis Ducruet, will be taking part in the competition. Two teams will be taking part…

Last year’s finalists (first GIVOVA FIVE PADEL CUP in Eze), the Manuel Vallaurio – Jordan Klein pairing, are back.

As in 2023, the second team will be made up of the historic central pairing that made AS MONACO fans dream, particularly during the European adventure in 2004… Sébastien Squillaci and Gaël Givet.

Louis Ducruet – President of the Barbagiuans: “I’m delighted that the Barbagiuans are taking part in this prestigious event, in the presence of a host of celebrities. With the Padel Best Expo, the Italian company BSG has created a sporting event that conveys an important message of inclusion and solidarity. Essential values that Barbagiuans hold dear. Padel is a fast-growing sport. Hosting such an international event in Monaco is a real opportunity to continue its development in the Principality. The Padel Best Expo will also enable us to broaden the scope of Barbagiuans’ activities and open up to new practices, always in the service of charitable interests. I’m delighted.”

As a partner of the event, the Monegasque Padel Federation, chaired by Cécilia D’Ambrosio, will be represented at PADEL BEST EXPO in a number of ways:

– A stand will be dedicated to them at the exhibition, in order to present the Federation’s commitments and activities to the international public.
– A team will represent the Monegasque Padel Federation at the CLUB PADEL CUP.
– A team from the Federation will also be taking part in the GIVOVA FIVE PADEL CUP women’s tournament.
– The eight players who make up the Monegasque national team will be taking part in the International Padel Federation (FIP) professional tournament, which will be held at PADEL BEST EXPO (4 teams).

Part of the funds raised at this PADEL BEST EXPO will also be donated to the HIV charity FIGHT AIDS MONACO, founded and chaired by H.S.H. Princess Stéphanie.

Hervé Aeschbach, coordinator of FIGHT AIDS MONACO: “Taking advantage of major sporting events to get health messages across is a great way of reaching a wide audience. Associating the values of solidarity with the image of such celebrities goes a long way towards getting these messages across. That’s why FIGHT AIDS MONACO’s visibility at the PADEL BEST EXPO is a real opportunity.”

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