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A Major Transformation of a Neighbourhood, the Grand IDA Project

A significant jump in Monegasque housing units is one of the principal features of the massive Grand IDA development that will transform the current locale.

New Monegasque Housing 

There will be 160 new housing units by the time the development will be completed in 2023. This is all part of the initiative for a planned increase in housing for Monegasques.

And residents who have been moved out while the construction takes place will be pleased to find beautifully landscaped surroundings and pedestrian-friendly pathways when they return and for many the opportunity to be housed in the new units.

The transformation will take place in the La Colle district, in the neighbourhood of Boulevard Rainier III and Rue Plati. The project includes the FAR building (now relocated to Boulevard du Jardin Exotique), as well as buildings ranging from 1 to 7 Boulevard Rainier III. The operation will also involve co-properties numbered 4 to 14 rue Plati. 

Features will include a car park with over 300 places, a creche reportedly with 35 cribs, and professional and commercial premises. Not only will the new buildings refresh the area but the surrounding buildings are planned to be given a facelift too. 

Les Mélezes and Les Cédres

In particular Les Mélezes and Les Cédres will have improvements to their facades including new windows and shutters and improved insulation. The whole area will benefit from new water, gas, electricity and phone lines – a welcome upgrade to an existing infrastructure that is over a half-century old. And the district will be serviced with fiber optics, and modern public lighting.

Grand Indeed 

What was imagined in 2009 as a much smaller-scale initiative for lodging children (when the Principality bought Villa Ida) has developed into a truly giant project worthy of the title Grand IDA. 

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