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A Monaco App To Help First-Time Parents: “Entreparents”

Another idea takes off… one of life’s greatest journeys, nine months of pregnancy, the birth itself and raising a child to be shared among those others experiencing it… and those who have been through it. 

It adds to the ease of sharing to have an App. And that’s where “Entreparents” comes in. Intuition led to a survey which unsurprisingly confirmed that the path to parenthood the first time round can be lonely and sometimes nerve-wracking. 

The App is free and reportedly sprouted from the efforts of four mothers from the Principality, Johanna, Clémence, Émilie and Anna. 

Leveraging their efforts, the whole community is uniting to get involved and with institutional backing too. 

The App digitization has been developed by Carlo Technologies and financed by the Prince’s government, the Cuomo Foundation and Monaco Telecom. 

What does the Entreparents App do? 

There are three features designed to be present on the friendly and intuitive interface. 

  • a Chat that is open most hours so that mums and dads can chat to other parents.
  • A calendar that will list events in Monaco and nearby that are interesting about childbirth and early childhood … and people can wade in and add more events and comments
  • Thirdly a guide to a parent’s journey of child rearing starting from pregnancy to caring for youngsters up to three year old. A gold-mine mine of information will be featured on topics such as how mothers cope with physical changes, what changes to expect physically of your baby, plus organizing medical appointments and countless other subjects that help with making decisions. 

Actions Speak Louder Than Words 

How about taking action… there will always be a host of initiatives needed in the community to help young families. 

That calls for the creation of a dedicated Committee to frame new initiatives and lobby for them… and an ongoing think-tank for that matter. Action plans , new laws, liaison with the Red Cross for first aid training programs and any actionable ideas that will make the community a happier place for families.

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