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A New Large Green Park in Monaco! Where Could it Be?

Nestled in a forgotten expanse that time seemed to overlook and was slated for buildings and industrial facilities a vision now unfolds, sparking imagination. 

On the sprawling 17,000 square mètres of the Charles-III plot, a verdant sanctuary is planned to grace the western gateway of the Principality, overseen by architect François Lallemand. At its core, an urban oasis will eventually emerge, cradled within a partially subterranean edifice, housing logistical and industrial ventures.

A Lush Green Park Area

Above, a lush expanse promises to merge seamlessly with three envisioned structures in the coming years. It would be the country’s inaugural park of such grand magnitude with views to the Tête du Chien.

The purpose of this 1.6-hectare canvas transcends mere dormancy; it’s a canvas awaiting transformation. While long-term plans hover on the horizon, architects pivot towards a short-term green vision. 

Programming for subsequent towers remains in flux; for now, it stands as a land reserve, a placeholder of sorts 

A virgin landscape of this magnitude is unprecedented in the Principality, poised to offer a cornucopia of delights. Envisioned are meandering bike trails, al fresco nooks, a sun-drenched solarium, and even a quaint summer cinema, all set amidst a tapestry of Mediterranean flora, including tall trees.

Future Towers

As for future towers, a stratified skyline emerges, with a towering T2, a modest T3, and the intermediary T4, set to reclaim the site of the current SMA factory on Avenue de Fontvieille upon the inauguration of the new waste management center.

And, beneath the surface plans unfurl for a subterranean marvel: a base of three tiers above, four below. Amidst this subterranean warren logistical links are planned to tackle the arteries that plague the city’s ingress, from cemetery to tunnel.

Gas stations and gendarme stations are being designed to weave into the surrounding traffic’s ebb and flow.

A Future Metro Station? 

A wish also lingers: a potential future metro station from Brasca in the vicinity of Èze to Monaco, a testament to the Principality’s vision. Perhaps the wish will come true! Think 2030 or beyond.

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