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A Summer Tourist Boom in full Bloom Surges in the Principality

It has been difficult not to notice how busy this season has been in the Principality. 

Even the unseasonably hot weather doesn’t deter the hordes of visitors enjoying themselves on the streets and beaches. And there are plenty of indoor cultural retreats to visit that have the advantage of being immune to the vagaries of the weather. 

And visitors have certainly poured into them if initial feedback is indicative. The final tally is not yet in but there is enough hard data to draw the obvious conclusion. Monaco has had a bumper season. 

No doubt the boom is buoyed by visitors from across the Ocean. The Americans are back in force vacationing in Europe. Generation X travelers are reportedly driving this growth. The dollar-to-euro rate helps and Monaco is the perfect destination to indulge in long-awaited luxuries.

Within this unprecedented Summer Turnout the Principality’s Cultural Hotspots have certainly been teeming with visitors. Certain cultural establishments are already celebrating a groundbreaking influx. 

Renowned venues like the Oceanographic Museum, the Collection of Cars owned by the Prince of Monaco, the Grand Apartments at the Princely Palace, and the Grimaldi Forum are all experiencing a resounding surge in visitors. This observation gains traction, reaffirming Monaco’s status as an alluring tourist destination, and the cultural sites are riding the same wave. These sites serve as vital indicators of Monaco’s touristic appeal.

Take, for instance, the Collection of Cars owned by Prince Albert II of Monaco. After relocating from Terrasses de Fontvieille to the Piscine road in the midst of summer 2022, this establishment is celebrating its first full summer season at its new location. Valérie Closier, the director, is reported in the press as delighted over the impressive numbers, though the specifics have yet to be divulged. Evidently, in its new location the venue was early on already outperforming Fontvieille. This year’s success is even more pronounced.

There was a substantial reported influx in July and August. Reports have visits peaking a little below 2,500 in mid-August. Daily attendance hovers well over 2,000. These numbers are nearly double what they used to be at the previous location. The visitor demographic is diverse. 

Grimaldi Forum

The Grimaldi Forum’s current exhibition “Monet in Full Light,” which delves into the works of the celebrated French painter, has already attracted nearly 90,000 attendees. This exhibition continues until September 3rd, surpassing attendance records set by past exhibitions. There is one exception that still holds the record. It is the one focused on Grace Kelly in 2007. Of the attendees, over 50% reportedly hail from the PACA region, and 20% are international tourists, with Italians comprising over a third of those.

The Grand Apartments

The Grand Apartments at the Palace had been hosting an exhibition dedicated to Prince Rainier III until this August 20th, in commemoration of his centenary birth year. In July 2023 alone, footfall was reported as surging by 15% compared to the previous year.

The Oceanographic Museum 

Always a favourite the Oceanographic museum is not lagging either. Between July 1st and August 21st, it welcomed reportedly over 175,000 visitors, marking a successful summer season that’s almost in line with last year. 

More Record-Breaking Events

There’s still time for more records to be broken. Upcoming end-of-summer events include an exhibition spotlighting “Pablo Picasso & Antiquity,” running from September 16th to October 15th at the Princely Palace. That has all the hallmarks of a record-breaker. Moreover, the Grimaldi Forum has a roster of events listed featuring Roman Frayssinet’s performance on September 9th, a presentation by the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra on September 13th, and the intriguing “Duel Reality” show scheduled for September 16th & 17th.

What a Summer!

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