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Addressing the Principality’s concerns

The Rally & Issues group and Horizon Monaco representatives held a neighbourhood meeting last Thursday, to address the concerns of residents and business owners, living and operating within the Principality.

Larvotto’s new manmade island was of particular importance, specifically how it will affect the quality of life of those involved and the potential “direct and indirect consequences of this sea extension” says Laurent Nouvion.

The former president of the “National Counsel” highlighted the importance of public housing and referred to the concerns of business owners as being a high priority.

Local resident Beatrice Fresko-Rolfo, troubled by the construction project now underway, stated that “we were not adequately forewarned by the government” because “no information was given on the work to come”.

Larvotto sea extension plan

Alain Ficini goes further, complaining about “broken tiles”, “holes” and “the government’s failure to maintain public spaces”. With regards to the manmade island and its possible effect on local businesses being forced to relocate he added, “As it stands today, we simply do not know what will happen following its construction”.

Laurent Nouvion’s suggestion to put in place a “government representative tasked with providing daily information and assistance to business owners and clients” was applauded.

Claude Boisson also brought up the necessity of a Larvotto post office, lamenting the absence of such services in the area and assuring the public that “it needs to and will be built”.

Christian Barilaro spoke of likely plans to dismantle and relocate the current tourism office to Fontvieille and claimed to be a “fierce opponent to the closure of the Spélugues Parking”, although the Larvotto Parking might be temporarily closed during construction.

The Principality residents and business owners were also able to sit down with the representatives and clearly vocalize their concerns to make sure each individual voice was heard.

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