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After the e-Prix, Here is the e-Rally

The 1st Monte-Carlo e-Rally will be held from the 12th to the 15th October, between Fontaineble and Monaco. 35 crews were at the starting line yesterday.

It was the historical moment. Wednesday 12th October, 35 cars producing absolutely no pollution, took off from Fontainebleau to the Principality over the course of a 3 day challenge.

At 14h the departure of a brand new race series organised by the Automobile club de Monaco will be given. The name: The Monte-Carlo e-Rally. The little brother, on road, of the e-Prix. This e-world championship launched in 2015. Perhaps the future of the Monte-Carlo Rally.

The teams on the starting line will be pioneer figures. A bit like those who lined up for the 1st Monte-Carlo Rally in 1911. Managing the energy levels of an electric or hydrogen powered vehicle is tricky and rather challenging. 35 cars that are using 100% clean energy will be at the starting line, 29 of which are electric, and 6 powered by hydrogen. The electric vehicles have a 200km range, with the exception of a boosted Zoe which has a 400km range. The Hydrogen cars have also a 400km range.

E-Rallye Monte - Carlo
Source: Automobile Club de Monaco (ACM)

20 years of experience

“The electric car drivers will spend more time recharging than driving”, says a smiling Christian Tornatore, the new general commissioner of the Automobile Club, who has been involved with alternative energy vehicles for the past 20 years.

The involvement in clean energy vehicles is not a recent one for the Automobile Club. Going as far back as 1995 to the origins of the first e-Rally. At the time of the third petroleum industry shock, “the French car manufacturers started manufacturing their first electric cars” remembers Christian Tornatore. “We had also decided there and then to have an electric car rally.

5 challenges were to be organised around Monaco. In 2005, a 6th challenge was organised, with hydrogen powered vehicles. The following year all hybrid and renewable energy vehicles were included in the challenge. The first e-Rally is the new version of this automobile challenge.

The Automobile Club Engine.

By Organising this challenge once again, the Automobile Club of Monaco, remains at the forefront, of the renewable energy sector, and sustainable development. “This challenge is a research laboratory” says Michel Boeri. It represents a test for the manufacturers. Playing this part is in our genes. When we own 2 luxury products The Grand Prix and the Monte-Carlo Rally, we can’t ignore the future. When we have organised 74 Grand Prix and 84 Rallies, we need something else”.

In other words, this 1st Monte-Carlo e-Rally is the drive and energy of the Automobile Club.

This race, or rather, this challenge, will not be like a regular rally. Even though the cars will be taking the same roads as the WRC, during the 3rd stage. “One day maybe, we’ll organise a real rally with 100% clean energy vehicles” declares Christian Tornatore. “In 2025 or 2030”

A Mayor in the Challenge

It’s a first! The mayor of Monaco Georges Marsan, will be at the wheel of a Toyota Mirai, and taking part in the first Monte-Carlo e-Rallye. His car is powered by Hydrogen and sponsored by Air Liquid. His deputy, Jacques Pastor, will be his co-pilot. The town council will be having a second team on the starting line in Fontainebleau. This engagement proves how committed the council is to the sustainable development of renewable and clean energy research and vehicles.

E-Rallye Monte Carlo
Georges Marsan with his team . Source: Mairie de Monaco
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