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Amazónico: ‘A Sensory Journey Through the Amazon’ Opens Next Spring

Situated on the legendary Place du Casino, boasting jaw-dropping views of the Mediterranean, the new Amazónico Monte-Carlo restaurant is set to open its doors on 4 April. The warm, festive and delectable concept, created in 2010 by Sandro Silva and Marta Seco, quickly became one of the most popular restaurant locations in Madrid, London and Dubai. Next stop for the festive restaurant: our own Principality.

The Café de Paris Monte-Carlo’s much-anticipated metamorphosis is nearing completion. Opening in 1868, the renowned focal point of the Principality has managed to stay true to its roots while also remaining fresh and relevant. The Café de Paris will be welcoming Amazónico Monte-Carlo to its rooftop.

Stéphane Valeri, President-Delegate of the Société des Bains de Mer, recently confirmed the opening date of Amazónico Monte-Carlo in a recent press interview. The former president of the National Council stated that the restaurant will open on 4 April.

Welcome to the jungle

The new eatery will celebrate cultural and culinary diversity from Brazil to Peru in a breathtaking setting inspired by the Amazon rainforest. On the menus will be fresh cocktails and dishes that mix tropical and Latin American influences, with large platters for sharing.

With valet parking, a bar, terrace and lounge, the new location is sure to have something for everyone. Entertainment will include live jazz performances inspired by Latin America, bossanova and Cuban music, while the resident DJs will bring the Bar & Lounge area to life with elec-tropical” sounds. All within a wheelchair accessible space.

The new restaurant promises to be a unique experience for all five senses, full of entertainment, music and energy.

“Walking through our doors you will feel as if you were transported to the most spiritual and unknown part of the Amazon rainforest. Cross the threshold, breathe, cool down, feel… enjoy a unique and inimitable experience in Amazónico,” states the Amazónico website.

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