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AMPA: Aging Well Event in Monaco

AMPA is a local Monaco association that seeks to promote aging well with their yearly event. The goal of this week is to inform the wider public of the impacts and consequences of Alzheimer’s disease. This was the focus for the 20th September’s awareness day, which was also a great success last year.

The Monegasque Association for Alzheimer’s research (AMPA) organised recently an awareness day event at the Stade Louis II, called ‘Village Bien Vieillir Monaco” in the Léo-Ferré area, for the second time.

The Director of AMPA, Federico Palermiti described the importance of the event and stated that “the aim is for the Monegasque population to come to get information and to receive advice on how to improve comfort, quality of life and wellbeing. We are very proud to have more than 20 stalls and vendors at this event who are here to promote awareness and offer simple, free information on the impacts of Alzheimer’s and the various difficulties associated with aging.”

It is thus a day of both information and guidance to promote aging well, and the prevention of loss of autonomy, objectives to which the group ‘Monaco Gout et Saveur’ has signed up to help achieve. Providing delicious food at the event, the Group demonstrated a range of tasty recipes, including some that also featured ingredients which are known to improve health, plus they made a risotto with porcini mushrooms, and also made 300 panettones as homage to the event, to show their support and presence.

Health and physical activity were an important part of the event, as a way of promoting a higher level of independence for elderly people, so that they can in fact enter their later years in an enjoyable way. Thus, this awareness day also included the 8th annual Alzheimer’s march, ending with a Zumba class for both adults and children in the stadium Louis II, to the sound of maracas.

The AMPA aging well event was a fun-filled day for all and highly important in providing information on this important issue.

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