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An innovation for the patients of CHPG is launched

CHPG is taking a new step in its digital transformation process, this time with a tool dedicated to its patients.

An online services portal, accessible via the website, now allows patients to make and manage their medical appointments, prepare their pre-admission, access their medical documents (consultation reports, laboratory tests and liaison letters) and pay their bills in just a few clicks.

Patients will also be able to prepare for their visit by sending in medical questionnaires useful for their treatment, and to evaluate their care.

The portal will soon offer other complementary services to enable patients to participate more in their care.

How to access the new tool

From now on any patient coming to CHPG will receive an e-mail allowing him or her to activate his space. They will then be able to access their health information, in a secure manner, from the address:

These procedures are part of the digital transition of the establishment initiated in 2018 in view of entry into the New Princess Grace Hospital Centre.

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