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Annual Reception for Monaco’s Social Economic Council: satisfying results of the 2017 year

The Social Economic Council is an institution which is essential to the economic life of the Principality.  Its mission is to give advice on social, economic, financial, tourism, industrial and commercial issues. During the annual reception, the fourth president of the council, André Garino, congratulated with the satisfying results of the 2017 year.  Hot topics are a priority for the consultive assembly, which gathers economic and social players from the Principality.

André Garino was proud to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the ‘CES des Jeunes’ or the Youth Social Economic Council, which is a project initiated by the young members of the council.  300 young people had the opportunity to present 50 goals, which was a wonderful success.  André Garino believes that the young members really immerse themselves into the council’s projects.

One of the most important themes of the international organization is the digital revolution and its future, a theme which was addressed at the 2017 assembly.  Digitization, along with a report on ‘connected health’, maternity leave and the traditional publication of their social barometer were the main headlines of the assembly.

André Garino, president of Monaco’s Social Economic Council at the reception
André Garino, president of Monaco’s Social Economic Council at the reception @

Since 2003, the Economic and Social Council has gathered 36 members, which are each appointed for 3 years.  The president is chosen from among the members and is appointed by the Prince. The assembly will continue organizing orientations on economic development and work conditions for employees in Monaco and on the international scene.  The Council is also a consultant for the Principality’s government.

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