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Artistic and Musical Encounters at the International Organ Festival of Monaco 2020

The International Organ Festival of Monaco 2020 will take place this August, flowing into early September. There is Free entry at Monaco Cathedral with the Detailed program available on Of course, the 2020 programming is tightened due to the current exceptional circumstances but it is a source of great artistic and musical encounters and very much worth exploring. 

Here are the highlights of the program: 

Mr. Ibrahim and the flowers of the Koran

Sophie-Véronique Cauchefer-Choplin combines with her instrument the power of the organ and its softness, highlighting and especially in music, this reflection on friendship, the strength to live, tolerance. Pauline Choplin and Pierre-Marie Escourrou, actors, will narrate the powerful text by Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt.

“One day, the gaze of Mr. Ibrahim, the wise old man who runs the Arab grocery store, meets that of eleven-year-old Momo, who is unloved, and, from conversation to conversation, life becomes smarter, ordinary things extraordinary.”

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The Cathedral of Monaco in Roman-Byzantine style is the place of the annual Prince’s Day celebration on November, 19. © HelloMonaco

Concert In Memoriam Rolande Falcinelli

Inspired composer, international soloist, brilliant teacher, Rolande Falcinelli, whose birth centenary we are celebrating this year, was at the very least a singular artist.

Pascale Mélis, Yves Castagnet and Philippe Brandeis on the organ and Elise Battais on the transverse flute, who have all known her, offer a concert of her emblematic works to discover a language off the beaten track that delights like no other.

Cine-concert Metropolis by Fritz Lang, 1927

Metropolis is a futuristic megalopolis, organized according to a caste system. Mad scientist develops a female-looking android who will urge workers to rebel. Class struggle and metaphysics come together in an absolute masterpiece. Accompanied on the organ by one of today’s greatest improvisers: Jean-Baptiste Dupont.

International Organ Festival of Monaco 2020


* Sunday August 23 at 4 p.m.:

Conference by Roland Galtier: “Studying, building, restoring organs, the role of the project manager”

* Sunday 23 August at 5 p.m.:

Organ and reciters

“Monsieur Ibrahim and the flowers of the Koran” by Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt Sophie-Véronique Cauchefer-Choplin, organ

Pierre-Marie Escourrou, narrator

Pauline Choplin, narrator

* Sunday 3O August at 4 p.m.:

Meet the artists

In memory Rolande Falcinelli

* Sunday 3O August at 5 p.m.:


In memory Rolande Falcinelli

Pascale Mélis, Yves Castagnet and Philippe Brandeis, organ Elise Battais, flute

* Sunday September 6 at 4 p.m.:

Conference Claude Passet “The organ in Monaco, 16th – 21st centuries”

* Sunday September 6 at 5 p.m.:



Fritz Lang, 1927

Jean-Baptiste Dupont, organ improvisation

Free entry, subject to availability Tel. : +377 98 98 83 03

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