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AS Monaco high performance training center: a 50 million euro flagship project for La Turbie

As 2018 draws near, the commencement of the work on the new AS Monaco Training Centre is expected to kick-off at last – and Mayor Jean Jacques Raffaele has to be feeling good about its prospects for La Turbie.

An architectural delight, a redevelopment to be proud of, jobs, increased revenues and a boost to sport will be the results from the removal of the inertia that has been holding back this massive project.

So what has happened to breathe life into this prize planned development?  The pace of progress has been in a sleep inducing crawl since the building regulations were changed to accommodate it as long ago as 2013. So there is a leap forward now, the excitement is palpable…

AS Monaco Training Centre

The deal: First Stade Louis II – Next La Turbie Training Centre

Jean Jacques Raffaele is reported as remarking that to get the building permit organised, an important political breakthrough in the shape of the deal being negotiated between the Government of Monaco and AS Monaco  had to take place – the resulting agreement being to first attack the massive Stade Louis Renovation Project before starting work on the Training Centre in La Turbie;  so at the end of the Summer with the refurbishment of the pool at Louis stade , as part of the mega 240 million euro project there, things started to bode well for the start of the La Turbie project.

Earn well – Invest well – AS Monaco delivers on its promised investment

At the end of the Summer transfer market, an estimated figure exceeding 300 million euros was added to the coffers of AS Monaco from transfer of key players who helped lead AS Monaco to the 2017 French championship. And thus Vadim Vasilyev, directeur general of AS Monaco and the right arm of Dmitry Rybolovlev was able to announce  an investment of 50 million euros in the building project at the start of 2018 in La Turbie for what is to be one of the most advanced training centers in Europe.

AS Monaco Training Centre

An 8000 square meter Centre of Training and High Performance

The project has already drawn international recognition and acclaim. It’s obviously going to be a fantastic work-site resulting in enormous benefit for La Turbie.

The Architects A+ Architecture, based in Montpellier, one of the 3 selected teams to participate, have had models of the Training Centre and surrounding facilities on show on their internet site since 2012 stating the objective as being: to get rid of the current inconsistent patchwork of buildings and creating instead  something harmoniously adapted to the surrounding countryside, sitting on the side of the hill and emphasising the elongated shape of the hill at the same time as reflecting the modern and dynamic image of AS Monaco, the Principality and the region around it.

It is reported that the Mayor sees this all taking at least a year and more like one and a half to two years, but needing an urgent start because of the expiry of the building permit  in March 2018.

AS Monaco Training Centre
© Photo : AS Monaco – Stéphane Senaux

And what are Jean Jacques’ reported comments on the project’s details other than the Centre being a single building of about 8000 square meters on four or five levels. The reports mention a stadium and a supplementary stadium to complement the High Performance Training Centre. La Turbie residents will also be paying close attention to the reported promises of a discreet architectural gem that will not detract from the charm of their community.

AS Monaco outshines Nice

This will be an important icon of the Rybolovlev empire and to attest to that the investment in the AS Monaco project at 50 million euros is designed to be close to twice that of the newly inaugurated Training Centre for Nice, itself a major venture which includes a 6485 square meter building costing a total of 28 million euros.

Interim training challenges for AS Monaco

And what about challenges for AS Monaco and for the Mayor’s team who oversee the site and the building work. For example AS Monaco will have to train and change while buildings are been razed all around them. But Monaco is not new to such challenges!

Hot Topics for the Mayor – Jobs and Kids

Not to forget jobs – there is unemployment in La Turbie. The project is bound to help and expectations are high. And for the future who knows – but already the obvious questions are being raised about merchandising opportunities, about an AS Monaco boutique, and about Tourism around the site. We are not yet hearing reports from the Mayor on that. He has enough to focus on in making sure the building site and all the work is properly overseen. A  major topic that is dear to parents in La Turbie, which the Mayor himself will want to see addressed as a priority is – what will the project do for the kids. There is an agreement to enhance the stadium for the under 17s but what about all the other kids, the children in local schools.

Currently kids from La Turbie can’t play there  – the site is closed to them. Reports are that the Mayor is adamant to follow up and has already inquired on what the plans will be for La Turbie’s kids and for La Turbie’s schools.

This is so important – it is critical that children benefit from this project – kids are in love with sport and today’s kids will be our sportsmen of the future.

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