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Auction History Makes Waves especially in Monaco

Given, the history of the great stamp and coin collections of Monaco’s Princely family it is no surprise that Monaco is hosting the “Editions Gadoury” auction this November 16th and 17th.

Auction History Makes Waves especially in Monaco

Not only is it the venue of choice for collectors of rare coins but it is a wonderful opportunity to be immersed in the history and geography of European states, including the House of Savoy, Naples and, of course, big sister France. Gold plus rarity make for a powerful soup. Stars of the auction include:

From Savoy, dated 1610: an incredible 10 ecu coin struck with the image of Charles Emmanuel 1st. This is so rare that there are only three in the world. Figure on it likely selling for above 200.000 euros;
From Naples, dated 1813: a gold medal featuring the image of King Joachim Murat from the collection of Archduke Sigismond of Austria. Priced around 50.000 euros;

Auction History Makes Waves especially in Monaco

From France, dated 1740: a test minting in gold, one of only four struck, of what would be a silver ecu bearing the image of Louis XV. Priced around 80.000 euros or higher.

Not to be missed, this “Editions Gadoury” auction this month in Monaco.

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