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Bacteria crisis at nursery resolved

Happily there are no more traces of legionella bacteria in the water of the Nursery, the Ile aux Bambins. This is a positive result of the town hall taking action on this issue.

At the end of June, the Government reported the presence of this bacterium at a hot water point in the Nursery in the Hélios building, at a rate of five times the threshold. As soon as the results of these analyses were known, the town hall of Monaco took the appropriate measures in order to ensure that the facilities were clean and safely usable by the young children. The shower heads and showers themselves were dismantled, the network was fully cleaned and disinfected, and anti-legionella filters were installed.

Good news never comes alone. Recently, when the Prince’s government assured the press that tap water at the Jardins d’Apolline was once again drinkable, the Monaco City Council published a statement stating that the hot water at the nursery the Ile aux Bambins, located in the same district, no longer contained any trace of legionella.

Recently, a few days after the reopening of the Nursery, the town hall of Monaco has been reassuring parents. “During the summer closure of the Nursery in July, the whole hot water network was treated again and analyses were carried out. The Social Welfare Department of the Town Hall confirms that the results of the analyses are negative and that the staff of L’Ile aux Bambins would welcome children again this Monday, 31st July.” The parents are surely delighted that they can safely return their children to the highly regarded nursery without fear of contamination by the potentially dangerous bacteria.

The social welfare department of the town hall remains at the disposal of the parents for any additional information. Telephone: 93156180

Although there is no more legionella bacteria in the nursery, parents are free to contact the town hall for any further assistance or clarification.

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