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Beefbar’s Plans for the Grand Prix Temporarily Up in Flames

“There is no smoke without fire” is a famous saying– all about there always being a little bit of truth lying behind gossip.Unfortunately, on Thursday, this turned out to be true. A fire had started in the kitchen of the Beef Bar in Fontvieille, one of Monaco’s favourite dining spots. You can imagine the scene that ensued – an urgent call to the fire brigade while the staff in the kitchen tried to contain the fire with two fire extinguishers. It did need the fire brigade in the end to stem the fire. Nobody hurt – above all that was the most important thing. The customers and staff were evacuated safely.

And, though it will be closed for several weeks, with windows blacked out while the work takes place, the Beef Bar was not burned down; nor was it seriously damaged.

Within the restaurant itself the automatic exhaust system functioned well and expelled the smoke.The Fire Brigade contained the fire to the kitchen area. If you look on the Beef Bar’s Facebook site you will see congratulations posted there thanking the firemen for a thoroughly successful and professional intervention.

What lies ahead is a complete decontamination of the restaurant and kitchen and a refit where necessary, particularly in the kitchen area. The news so far is that the material damage was mainly to the kitchen hood. That sounds relatively good news – no major damage.
The Beef Bar, opened in 2005 and was subsequently decorated anew in 2015. It is famous for being an inspiration of owner Riccardo Giraud who sought architects to realize his dreams. Monaco-based architecture studio Humbert &Poyet were engaged and have designed the interior for Beef Bar both in Monaco and several capitals. Emil Humbert and Christophe Poyet are renowned for their interior design which features refined glass and mirror work, white marble, with white and black stone and vertical gardens. Another feature is the handcut glass architecture that meanders through the ceiling of the entire venue.

It is a landmark restaurant in Monaco, serving an incredible variety of beef, cuts of which are on spectacular display. The Beef Bar will be sorely missed by its clientele while the refit is taking place. It is the peak season with the Grand Prix and the Summer festivities all gearing up. The Beef Bar has a loyal following – it has earned its place in the limelight with its impressive decor and equally impressive menu. Can Riccardo Giraud find temporary premises to welcome his flock of followers while the Beef Bar “refit” takes place. That’s a big ask during this peak season to create a temporary banqueting scene in Monaco. One thing we can be pretty sure of is the Beef Bar will be back in action as one of Monaco’s hottest dining destinations. Rumours are already circulating that there will be some splendid additions to what already many see as a masterpiece of interior design.

Monaco has a thriving restaurant scene. Diners will still find great places to party in the interim and the Beef Bar’s staff will be sorely needed to help serve them. And no doubt, Beef Bar will be back with a Bang and probably with a few surprises worth an extra visit or two.

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