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Breezes of Change: How Monaco is Shaping Its Summer

The Principality is charting an interesting path, an almost exclusive approach out of the pandemic crisis – a curated one that appears to contrast qualitatively with many of its neighbours and countries around the world.

A Curated Path: «Safety First»

Monaco is building on its atypically light exposure to the epidemic. The Principality in modern times has always had the reputation of being one of the safest destinations in the world – could it add to this by being also one of the healthiest? Twin benefits for visitors: safety and health security. And for the moment there is freedom especially for all European visitors to enter the Principality as Europe frees its borders and takes strong precautions to control the epidemic. 

Breezes of Change: How Monaco is Shaping Its Summer

Cruises Out for 2020 

Noticeably cruises are not on the menu of activities in 2020 – the government has just announced that cruise ships would not be allowed to disembark tourists anytime soon.

There are no plans to resume cruises for the year 2020. So thousands of cruise passengers will be absent from the Rock which will have to adapt to welcoming instead a more targeted stream of tourism with the two magnets of the Oceanographic Museum and the Changing of the Guard at the Palace

Princess Grace Hospital

A Curated and Secure Summer 

There will be no Monte-Carlo Sporting Summer Festival, no spectacular summer exhibition at the Grimaldi Forum. The Prince’s Palace is limiting its concerts to two and also ensuring no overcrowding with a third of the usual audience admitted. We will not be entertained in 2020 with the other mainstay spectacles like the fireworks competition. The port of Hercule will be relatively tranquil; no small concerts in square Gastaud either. 

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