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Brilliant Results by the Principality’s Students in 2020

It was the most difficult of years to be a student, caught up in the global pandemic. What a challenge. The uncertainty around the Baccalaureate results for the students and parents must have been nail-biting. 

Fortunately there was a solid record of achievement during two terms of continuous assessment for the judges in Nice to examine – so a weighted average could be calculated by the jury from the Academy of Nice, who examined each report card in detail to give the final grade. The absence of a final exam and oral during the pandemic in the end played no role in assessing performance. 

And what a performance! An almost 100% success rate in the Baccalaureate has been achieved for Monaco students – a reflection on their teachers’ excellence too. 

Brilliant Results by the Principality’s Students in 2020

Monegasque baccalaureate results are typically praiseworthy – but it has to be said that like fine wine, 2020 is a vintage year. At the end of such a unique school year, the results of the 2020 vintage are something to about which to rejoice: Over 99% success. 

In figures, out of the Principality’s 427 candidates, 425 already have now qualified for the baccalaureate – and 360 with distinction, including 83 mentions very good, 144 good and 133 fairly good. Just two students need to catch up for 100% success. 

The Government of the Principality is on record as being particularly pleased with the excellent results recorded in this 2020 edition – demonstrating once again the sense of commitment of the entire educational community of public and private high schools under contract in the Principality. The flawless professionalism and great dedication of the teaching and non-teaching staff were decisive in the support of all the students, during the school year and more particularly during the period of confinement.

Brilliant Results by the Principality’s Students in 2020

The students of the Principality have completed a flawless journey – including the 100% of the candidates from the Albert I high school (BTS of Assistant Manager and Management Accounting) and the Technical and Hotel school of Monaco (BTS Hotel Management and Restoration) who have passed their exam.

The Prince’s Government sends its sincere congratulations to the 2020 winners for their remarkable performances. Thanks are also extended to Mme Isabelle Bonnal and her Directorate of National Education for Youth and Sports.

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