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Cannes Film Festival Moves Its Dates

The dates for the Cannes Film Festival are moving from this May to July instead. There is still uncertainty about the health situation. Infections are still at a high level. And there are wobbles in the implementation of the vaccination campaigns in the U.S . and Europe. The official announcement by the Cannes Film Festival organizers states: 

“Initially scheduled from 11 to 22 May 2021, the 74th Festival will therefore now take place from Tuesday 6 to Saturday 17 July 2021.”

Tough news for Cannes whose main tourist season is now squeezed into a narrow window with Film Festival goers and Summer tourists competing for hotel space. Of course, the one variable that no-one can predict with absolute certainty is when the pandemic will wane and when global vaccinations bring globetrotters’ lives back to normal. 

So there even needs to be another possible bite of the cherry even with the July date. There is a window that remains open between late August and early September according to Hollywood press. But that is somewhat too close for comfort and encroaches on the Venice Film Festival. 

Anyway if Cannes takes place in July, it could very well be the first film festival with an international dimension to be held physically in its entirety this year – seeing as Berlin which had moved from February to March will be mainly online instead with screenings open to the public a possibility for the month of June.

Monaco Grand Prix Confirmed for May 

Cannes traditionally dove-tails its Film Festival just prior to the Monaco Grand Prix aware that all the film stars and celebrities have Monaco as the next spectacular photo-op on their agendas. But a definitive announcement has already been issued by the organizations responsible for the Monaco Grand Prix favouring May. 

The Mediterranean racing event in Monaco – the much anticipated glamour highlight of the year, is scheduled for May 23 as the fifth Grand Prix race on the season’s calendar. Green Light for All Monaco Grand Prix Events As Scheduled The Historic Grand Prix for classic F1 cars was also confirmed for April 23-25 and the all-electric Formula E race on May 8.

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