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CHPG invested in new equipment

The Princess Grace Hospital Centre or CHPG has now invested in nuclear medicine with the acquisition of a new cardiac gamma camera! But don’t be alarmed by the terminology. This recent acquisition points to the progress of hospital treatments, especially in the field of cardiovascular diseases. Neck and neck with cancer, they remain the two leading causes of death in France. As such, the detection of these illnesses is a major challenge for the professionals of this sector. In all the battery of tests that currently exists, one stands out by its effectiveness on many points: the myocardial scintigraphy. Intravenously, a weakly reactive tracer is injected to identify which area of ​​the heart is malfunctioning. So, despite the sound of nuclear medicine not being very appealing to some, the properties which make it reactive are minute and unthreatening. Moreover, the positive side is that this equipment makes it easier to treat heart diseases and save lives.

A magnifying glass to examine the heart

Already installed at a dozen sites in France, the device is one of the most advanced that the CHPG now has. This gamma camera, bought for 480,000 euros from Spectrum Dynamics, is the new key for plumbing the mysteries of these heart diseases. It will be possible for the doctors of the Centre to obtain information of primary importance such as are as not receiving enough blood or heartbeat rhythm disorders. Moreover, the acquisition of this data takes place much more rapidly than before, with operation times halved. It is truly a positive report for caregivers and patients in the fight against cardiac disorders.

The CHPG is fortunate to be able to offer this new cardiac gamma camera for the treatment of patients from now on.

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