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CMB Monaco renews its confidence in the Grimaldi Forum

It’s official: the most Monegasque of banks is once again supporting the Convention and Cultural Center of the Principality this year. It has just renewed its commitment through a contract.

Signed for the first time in 2005, this “Premium and Official ” partnership has been renewed today by Etienne Franzi, President of CMB Monaco, Francesco Grosoli, CEO of CMB Monaco, Henri Fissore, President of the Grimaldi Forum, and Sylvie Biancheri, General Director, extending through the year 2022.

It deals with the cultural programming of the Grimaldi Forum in the Principality as well as with all of its commercial tourism business.  While being associated with the image of the Grimaldi Forum, CMB Monaco will allow the Forum to develop its cultural offerings and will additionally contribute to the influence of the Principality.

Thanking CMB Monaco “for its support and its loyalty”, Henri Fissore also wanted to particularly “acknowledge the bank’s sponsorship in the context of the health crisis that has been going on for almost the last two years”.  Sylvie Biancheri highlighted “a still more beautiful 2022 season at the Grimaldi Forum,  thanks to CMB Monaco, with big names like Carla Bruni,  Christophe Maé, Iggy Pop and Francis Cabrel, not to mention the big summer exhibition, of, among the most promising  “Christian Louboutin, the Exhibition(ist)”, all of which will bring us a burst of art, culture, joy and travel that will be completely life-saving in the prevailing gloom of the times!” 

Etienne Franzi, for his part, said “it is a historic partnership, already 17 years old, based on shared values of seriousness, efficiency and excellence”. Francesco Grosoli added: “Beyond the philanthropic dimension of our action, it is indeed a question of performance and value creation, in the noble sense of the term, for the Grimaldi Forum, for CMB Monaco, and for the Principality. The notion of corporate cultural responsibility is more relevant than ever!”

Source: CMB Monaco and Grimaldi Forum Monaco

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