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CMB Monaco Takes the Initiative to Empower Childhood Through AMADE

CMB Monaco orchestrated a heartfelt fundraising campaign in support of the Worldwide Association of Friends of Children (AMADE). This compassionate endeavor aimed to bridge the gap for underprivileged children, a cause close to the heart of the Principality’s bank.

CMB Monaco recognizes that genuine prosperity emerges from the bank’s overall contributions to society. Francesco Grosoli, their CEO highlighted this spirit. The institution, in Monaco since 1976, dedicated a segment of its trading commissions towards AMADE’s cause. This act, accompanied by encouragement to all private wealth managers and bankers within the organization, amassed a total of €27,713.

The amassed funds form part of the “Energy of Hope” program, a noble initiative aimed at fostering sustainable energy access and digital educational avenues for children and their communities. In particular, this program distributes portable solar lamps to African schoolchildren, ensuring safer journeys home and improved studying conditions. Additionally, the implementation of the ‘Nomad Education App’ in Senegal aims to enrich the educational journey of over 76,000 students.

Francesco Grosoli spearheaded a similar drive last year for another local Monegasque association, Les Enfants de Frankie, furthering the bank’s commitment to societal welfare.

Dedication to fostering strong community bonds and supporting initiatives like that of AMADE reflects the Bank’s commitment to shaping a better tomorrow.

After all, prosperity is not just measured by financial success but by the efforts made towards shaping a brighter and more equitable future for children globally.

It is fitting that this latest program happened on the heels of World Children’s Day in November.

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