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College Charles III moves into a new building

The construction of a new complex in Monaco, “Pastor Island” is now in progress. As we know, the new district, on top of the other infrastructure, will include a new college building for 1.500 students within its premises.

The city council has recently announced that College Charles III, currently accommodating 1.200 students, will be transferred to “Pastor Island.” The new quarters will help increase the number of students by 300. The transfer is planned for 2020.

The total area of the new college building will be 14,000 m2, allowing for more spacious halls and classrooms, more computer rooms, and a bigger pool and gym. In addition to the building being completely new, it will be built in accordance with the latest educational standards, making it much more modern than the current premises

The Monaco Department of National Education, Youth and Sports claims that moving to the new building will enhance the students’ motivation to go to school and learn. It will consequently improve their academic performance. New cafeteria arrangements will also allow the students to get a hot meal at any time of the day, not just during strictly designated hours.

The College Charles III will not be the only one to move to the new district of Monaco. The management of the Department of National Education, Youth and Sports of Monaco will follow shortly. It will be located next to the future college building.

The total cost of the new “Pastor Island” project is €320 million. €90 million of that will be spent on the construction of the college premises, which the government is generously sponsoring for the new school.

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