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Complementary Care known as “Unconventional Medicine” Gets Unanimous Support in a Bill from the Conseil National

The Conseil National has just fulfilled a campaign promise in proposing a law to create a legal framework in Monaco for the practice of what is called “unconventional” lines of medicine. It’s a campaign promise in tune with the needs and wishes of Monegasques who seek therapies outside the constraints of mainstream medical science and the constraints of absolute scientific proof. It’s a search that has been going on by the human race deep in history.

And it makes sense because some therapists are providing important and valuable relief and cures for patients. They need the support of the establishment for funding, networking and recognition for expanding the reach of the good work they do to improve our well- being.

Complementary Care known as “Unconventional Medicine” Gets Unanimous Support

Christophe Robino, a national councilor, nephrologist and head of service at the CHPG and vice-president of the council of the Order of physicians, has already publicly lauded the importance of recognition and the supervision of alternative care and other alternative medicines.

There is much needed “hand therapy” going on currently in Princess Grace radiotherapy department.

There is a growing interest in these practices. More and more young people are making them their profession. Importantly an increasing number of doctors are receiving additional training in these fields, and more and more patients are turning to them for help.

Complementary and alternative medicine practices are often grouped into broad categories, including:

  • Whole medical systems
  • Mind-body therapies
  • Biologically-based therapies
  • Manipulative or body-based methods
  • Energy therapies
Complementary Care known as “Unconventional Medicine” Gets Unanimous Support

Examples, just a few, might include,

  • homeopathic medicine,
  • naturopathic practitioners using diet, exercise, massage, acupuncture, hydrotherapy etc.
  • Chinese medicine including acupuncture, meditation and regulation of breathing
  • Variations on Ayurveda, an ancient health practice from India that focuses on the body, mind, and spirit in the prevention and treatment of disease. Herbs, massage, and specialized diets are all used to treat and prevent illness.

In essence – because it has not yet been scientifically evaluated does not mean that a method is not effective. It’s time to bring many good professionals in from the cold. And why not arouse the interest of researchers to scientifically assess the merits of proposed treatments.

Members of the Conseil National have now officially supported the proposition that there is an undeniable complementary position of these in the legitimate quest for a balanced solution to the supply of care

Elected officials voted unanimously in favour of the bill which is a long awaited breakthrough and a specific campaign commitment from Stéphane Valeri.

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