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Conseil National Proposes New Laws on Housing, Money Laundering and Voting

Taking the initiative, the Conseil National has vigorously debated several new propositions that they wish the Government to adopt as new laws. Housing headed the list and, in addition, there were important debates on Proxy Voting and Money Laundering. HelloMonaco highlights each debate for our readers.

Housing for Monegasques

Stephane Valeri, President of the Conseil National, emphasized the determination to put a priority on housing for Monegasques. In particular young Monegasques must be assured there will be enough apartments in Monaco for them in future. Thus law 238 is proposed which essentially calls for an extra 50 residential units each year to be added to the “protected sector”. Frank Lobono, President of the Commission on Housing is sponsoring the law which would have the State play a powerful role in granting permits for more construction and reconstruction to meet the target for new housing. Given the limited area in the Principality this would almost certainly involve higher buildings with more units in the free sector too, so that owners and developers would have incentives to build. Out of the total new residential space developed, there must be 50 new units reserved for Monegasques.

Voting By Proxy

Marine Grisoul is sponsoring a proposition that would effectively enable more Monegasque’s who wish to vote by proxy to do so. At the last election 5% of the votes were by proxy, but the rules strictly applied led to the rejection of the votes of at least another 1%, that is about 50 Monegasques. No doubt there are many more citizens who are deterred from voting because the rules are overly restrictive. Proposed is a simple form, to be signed with an oath of honour and accompanied by proof of identity.

Countering Money Laundering

Thomas Brezzo, President of the Commission on legislation introduced proposition 972 to bring Monaco’s laws up to date to fight money laundering, finance for terrorism and corruption. The field is ever-evolving as criminals and terrorists try to escape detection.
Thus International agencies with which Monaco cooperates are constantly changing their protocols and Monaco needs to keep pace too. And it is important that Monaco has an irreproachable reputation in this field and is recognized as having the highest standards of excellence. Extra staff are envisaged to be hired to deal with the sophisticated systems Monaco has planned.

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