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Covid-19: New Cancellations and Precautionary Health Measures

Combating the COVID-19 pandemic is a priority for the Prince’s Government.  In view of developments in the health situation in the neighbouring region, even if, for the time being, the virus seems to be circulating less actively in the Principality of Monaco, the Prince’s Government has decided to put in place certain precautionary health measures in order to ensure the best possible health protection in the national territory.  These measures are intended to be pragmatic and ensure a balance between the imperative need for health security and the essential need to live as normally as possible.

Covid-19 : Cancellation of Heritage Day and the Monaco Funfair

For these reasons, the Prince’s Government has decided to cancel Heritage Day, scheduled for Sunday 27 September.  Many of the participants in this year’s event had chosen not to take part this year, as they could not ensure satisfactory health safety measures.  Furthermore, free admission to museums at this event creates the risk of an excessively large number of visitors, at a time when social distancing measures are required.

Covid-19 : Cancellation of Heritage Day and the Monaco Funfair

In consultation with Monaco City Hall, the organiser of the event, it was also decided to cancel the Funfair that was to be held on Port Hercule from 16 October to 19 November.

In addition, the Government has decided to reduce the maximum capacity at events to 1,000 persons, unless a special exemption is granted, as of 25 September.

Also from 25 September, the sale of alcohol to take away will be prohibited from 8 p.m. to 6 a.m.  As a reminder, the consumption of alcohol in public places is already prohibited in the Principality.

Covid-19 : Cancellation of Heritage Day and the Monaco Funfair

In order to limit travel outside the Principality, school trips outside the national territory are temporarily banned.

The Prince’s Government would like to commend and thank Monegasques, residents and those who use the Principality for respecting the rules in force, in particular the wearing of masks, which can be inconvenient.  It is thanks to the commitment of each and every one of us that we have managed to limit the impact of the virus.

The way in which the pandemic is developing in Europe requires us to remain vigilant.  For this reason, the Prince’s Government is once again distributing cloth masks to all Monegasques and residents;  these are free of charge and available to all.  The masks will be delivered to letterboxes in the next few days.

Covid-19 : Cancellation of Heritage Day and the Monaco Funfair

In the same spirit, the Government would like to reiterate the importance of respecting barrier measures at private festive occasions.  Scientific analyses show that, currently, the transmission of the virus most often occurs at times when barrier measures, such as wearing a mask or social distancing, are less adhered to.  At gatherings of family and friends, it is essential to remain vigilant, in particular by limiting the number of people to a maximum of ten. If this recommendation is observed, we can protect ourselves and therefore protect those close to us.


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