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Covid-19: Dates for School Spring Break in Monaco Changed

The Princely Government, under the authority of HSH Prince Albert II, decided to bring the spring break initially scheduled from April 22nd until the morning of Monday May 10th forward by two weeks. 

Change of Dates For Spring Break 

These holidays will therefore begin on the evening of Friday April 9th for all schools. The start of the school year is therefore Monday April 26th. 

Next week, from Tuesday April 6th to Friday April 9th, all schools will be open and will provide face-to-face lessons.

Decision Aided by Consultation 

The synchronization of the calendar with that of the Academy of Nice is the result of a broad consultation carried out by the Minister of the Interior with the heads of establishments, teachers and parents’ associations as well as with the Conseil National who were not in favour of the postponement of the holidays.

The consultation enabled the Association des Parents d’Élèves (APEM) to express the organizational difficulties for families, which this modification of the school agenda may cause, in particular for those who already had planned vacations during the period.

Priority Given to Quality of Education and Health Safety 

However, the Government’s objective is to find a balance between the quality of education and the best possible health protection for students and National Education staff.

The advancement of the holidays makes it possible to guarantee both the quality of education and health safety in schools. 

In fact, 67% of teachers are seconded from the French administration and a majority of non-teaching staff within National Education remain in France. The risk of severe staff problems is real. It would have a strong impact on the regularity of the courses taught and the supervision necessary to accommodate the students in the best sanitary conditions.

In addition, the teaching teams consider that the advance of the school holidays as beneficial in the face of the state of fatigue of the staff and the pupils because of all the constraints which weigh on the daily functioning of the schools.

The Prince’s Government has made every effort to organize a nursery for the children of the staff concerned. Unfortunately, it is not possible to make this option a reality. The Prince Albert II Leisure Center in La Turbie, the only reception structure capable of accommodating a large number of children, is not authorized to open due to the health measures in force in France.

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