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Covid-19: what to expect in Monaco after France extended its lockdown

No sooner had France just extended its lockdown for a whole month than Monaco announced its health measures would be extended from April 2nd until a new deadline of April 18th. 

Curfew Improved By One Hour

Even though the health measures that are in force are being extended until April 18th there is a little good news is that the Curfew will now start at 8 pm instead of 7 pm.

As of April 3, the curfew will therefore be from 8 p.m. to 6 a.m. This decision follows the proposals of the Prince’s Government established in consultation with the Conseil National in the Joint Monitoring Committee.

School Classes continue face-to-face

As for teaching activities, all schools remain open and will be providing face-to-face lessons next week.

School Spring Holidays 

Regarding the spring holidays initially planned from April 22nd to the evening of Monday May 10th, the Minister of the Interior opens, as of tomorrow, a consultation with the heads of establishments, teachers and parent associations to determine the best possible option.

– Or earlier holidays to synchronize the vacation schedule with that of the Academy of Nice from April 12 to 26, which would imply a return to school in person on that date.

– Or the maintenance of the spring holidays as scheduled, which would imply a face-to-face operation of schools until the evening of April 22. The return to school would then take place on Monday, May 10.

A consultation will measure the advantages and disadvantages of each of the two options The objective of the Prince’s Government is to do everything possible to ensure that the quality of the education provided in Monaco over the coming weeks is maintained.

Teleworking and Restaurants

The compulsory use of teleworking in the private and public sectors remains in force. The objective is to reduce the influx of people from outside the Principality while maintaining economic activity.

The rules relating to consumption in catering establishments at noon remain applicable: access is reserved for residents, employees and schools of the Principality, reservations are required, the number of guests is limited to 6 per table, service can only take place between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m.

Health Situation and Vaccinations 

The health situation in the Principality shows that the measures put in place have made it possible to slow down the circulation of the virus. Concretely, in two months, the incidence rate was halved.

In terms of hospital activity, the figures are improving even if the number of patients treated at the CHPG remains high. This Thursday, April 1, reportedly there were 27 hospitalized covid patients including 7 in intensive care.

These results are the fruit of the efforts made by each and every one throughout these last weeks and of the progress of the vaccination. Today, reportedly more than 11,500 people are vaccinated, or more than 30% of the population residing in the Principality. The Prince’s Government is relentlessly pursuing the vaccination campaign with people over 55 years of age who have expressed a wish to be vaccinated before expanding to other groups.

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