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Covid-19: Immediate Easing of Restrictions Imposed to Protect the Health of Everyone in the Principality

Given the favourable and rapid evolution of the health situation observed continuously for a week, the Sovereign Prince has decided to lighten the health measures in force in recent weeks. This decision follows the various consultations carried out by His Government in recent days, and in particular the discussions with the Conseil National during the Joint Monitoring Committee which was held this Friday, February 11. The health situation is improving.

Many indicators show that the circulation of the virus, although still active, has a high but improving measured impact on the number of contaminations and the number of patients requiring hospital care. The incidence rate, which had reached unprecedented peaks in mid-January, fell below 1,000 and reached a rate of 831 on February 10th. If the figures are still high, it has been observed that there is a significant and rapid drop in the indicators, as rapid as their increase had been at the start of the epidemic wave generated by the Omicron variant. This context allows the Government to lighten the system, with caution and in a supervised manner, with the aim of ensuring the greatest health security while maintaining dynamic economic activity. These changes take effect immediately, Saturday 12th February.


The obligation to wear a mask outdoors is removed. However, it will be kept compulsory in places with high traffic and at certain times (on the Place du Palais when the guard is changed at 11.55 a.m., in the markets during operating hours, on the forecourt of the Fontvieille Shopping Centre, and at the station exits during rush hour and at bus stops).

In the school

A simplification of the contact case management protocol is being examined in order to simplify the process implemented, reduce the duration out of school of students when compelled to leave, all without reducing the level of health security. This new protocol should be finalized at the beginning of next week. 

In addition, the screening campaign (self-test) will be renewed at the start of the winter holidays, on February 21.

During this new school year, school swimming lessons will be able to resume.

In addition, experiments with air purifiers will be launched in various establishments as soon as possible.

Remote Work 

Remote work is maintained for positions that allow it, 3 days a week.

This measure is applicable in both the public and private sectors, with the agreement of the employee, until March 4 inclusive.

It is also imperative to continue to carefully respect barrier gestures in order to limit the risk of contamination as much as possible. Breaks at work between colleagues when they take place without a mask remain prohibited.

Public Events 

The gauges limited to 2,000 people for public events will be removed as soon as a relevant health protocol is put in place.


In restaurants, the number of guests at the table will be allowed up to 12 and the distance between tables is reduced to 1 metre. 

Hairdressing and Beauty Care etc.

To access hairdressing salons, beauty salons and tattoo artists, the health pass will no longer be required for customers of these businesses.

Economic aid is extended until the end of March

Aware that some economic players have experienced a slowdown in their activities due to this latest wave, the Prince’s Government is extending until the end of March the support system for businesses which had been reactivated at the end of January.

CTTR: The Reinforced Temporary Total Unemployment (CTTR) system can be activated in the event of a loss of 30% of turnover compared to the same period in 2019, for the targeted business sectors.

EPCP: Partial exemption from employer contributions is activated for players whose turnover, less than 5 million euros, would have suffered a drop, in January 2022, of at least 20% compared to the same period in 2020. The commitment not to dismiss an employee for 1 year, except for serious misconduct or incapacity, is maintained.

CARE: Companies that have benefited from the aid of the Economic Recovery Support Commission (CARE) in 2021 have been contacted by the Covid19 Business Unit.

Don’t let your guard down

Vaccination is essential to reduce the risk of contamination and the risk of developing serious forms of the disease. 

Practical information for vaccination: go by phone to +377 92 05 55 00 or via the internet:

In addition, the Prince’s Government has taken responsibility for disposing of the doses of Novavax vaccines as soon as distribution begins in France.

Finally, the Government is pointing out that in view of the favourable trend which seems to be confirmed at present, and depending on the positive development of the indicators, it is considering, in consultation with the National Council, the possibility of further easing of the health measures, particularly in schools.

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