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COVID-19: Prince’s Government recommends testing for those travelling outside the Principality

As we approach the end of the year, a time which is synonymous for many with holidays outside the Principality, the Prince’s Government strongly recommends that those travelling get tested for COVID-19 on their return.

The virus remains highly active in many regions of Europe, and travel and social interactions have the potential to substantially increase the spread. This risk is heightened further by the cold, wet winter weather, which helps the virus to maintain its strength.

From Wednesday 16 December, all students and residents returning to Monaco for the festive season will be able to access a free PCR test (no prescription needed) at the Léo Ferré National Testing Centre.

From Monday 21 December, residents and employees of the Principality returning from a holiday abroad, including in France, who wish to get a test can also access one free of charge and without a medical prescription at the Léo Ferré National Testing Centre.

In all cases, those who wish to take up the offer of a test should simply contact the COVID-19 Call Centre on 92 05 55 00. You will then be called back by the National Testing Centre secretarial office to make an appointment.

This testing will help to reassure those who take advantage of it. More broadly, it will allow the health authorities to confirm the viral status of the population and ensure the best possible health conditions for the return to work and school in the new year.

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