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Monaco Is Seriously Ramping Up Its Covid19 Testing Capacity

The Fontvieille laboratory in the Principality has been working flat-out to meet the needs of everyone visiting the array of testing sites in Monaco where people have been tested for Covid-19. Up to 20 analyses per hour have had to be carried out during peaks in demand, particularly during this past September. One can imagine the pressure on the teams who have to manage a rapidly increasing workload carried out at a relentless pace – sometimes as many as nine analyses to be done every twenty minutes. The tests include both the nasal and throat swab variety called PCR and the blood serological tests.

80 and up to 120 samples are reported as taken each day, on average with seven miniaturized machines being used to perform PCR analyzes. Sometimes the pace increases to nine analyzes every twenty minutes.

In addition there are two much bigger machines to analyse the blood tests, sufficiently automated to complete the serological work at a much faster pace than the PCR tests. 

This tiring workload has been kept going even in light of the enormous global demand for the swabs and reagents that can be in very short supply. So there are challenges that have to be overcome getting supplies too. 

It’s a critical activity in this new world of Covid19 and has thus caught the attention of Minister of State Pierre Dartout and the Minister of Health and Social Affairs Didier Gamerdinger. They paid a visit together to the laboratory to encourage the teams and ensure the Principality’s Public Health Goals are met. 

Monaco Outperforms French Cities Marseille, Paris, Nice and Italy 

The minister of state is reported to be extremely grateful to the laboratory staff who are succeeding so well to get this difficult work done. Monaco is way above Marseille, Paris, Nice and Italy in the number of tests performed relative to the population. 

Monaco is benefitting from the steps it has taken to counter the coronavirus epidemic which has resulted in infection rates reported as two times lower in the Principality than in the Alpes-Maritimes, and more than three times lower than in France.

Between government, CHPG and private laboratories, the focus is common which is to meet the Public Health Goal to protect everyone in Monaco. 

The testing is available to every category of need, including those who are symptomatic – these patients go to the special screening centre in Espace Leo Ferré – and those who are asymptomatic, and those patients with or without a prescription. Everyone in Monaco is able to know their situation vis-à-vis Covid-19.

There are the private laboratories in the Condamine and Monte-Carlo, all cooperating together including the branches of Fontvieille (quai Jean-Charles-Rey) and Moneghetti (boulevard du Jardin-Exotique). Staff are mobilized and ready to meet demand.

Ready for Winter

There is security in knowing that non-prescription tests are available to everyone – whether 

you need a Covid-19 test for work, travel, or any other personal reason including just the relief of knowing. Appointments for testing have a wait reported as within four days maximum. 

Analysis time promised is: 24 hours maximum. These non-prescription private tests are completed for a price close to 100 euros.

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