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Design Agency Tjep presented a new electric yacht concept EAU and other yacht news

We selected for you top 4 yacht stories of the last week at Yacht Harbour.

Design Agency Tjep presented a new electric yacht concept EAU

The vessel was nominated for the International Yacht and Aviation Awards in 2018. Lead designer Frank Frank Tjepkema and his team sought to bring the simplicity and refinement of the concept to the limit, presenting a ship that embodies the qualities of the water itself.

EAU Electric Yacht is the concept of the future of the yacht; The Dutch Tjep are responsible for this impressive luxury boat and show that Holland is still the cradle of not only creativity and avant-garde, but also the capital of the most modern maritime design.

EAU Electric Yacht – this will be a large 63 meter long luxury yacht, with an aluminum ribbed hull, as we see in the images distributed by its designers, as well as a clean avant-garde detail: a drop-shaped wheelhouse that seems to float on the main deck, although it is clearly attached to it; on the open yacht Cuebierta, which is one of a kind, EAU Electric Yacht will also have a swimming pool and a helipad.

The interior of this magnificent yacht is a luxury that is formed in 12 cabins and a winery, although, as always happens with high-class yachts, the distribution of the interior will not be closed before it is considered by the owner.

It seems that the world does more to navigate in it than to live on land, for good reason 70% of the surface of our planet is water, and therefore the sea plan is always rethought when we are one step ahead of the future to lead us to conquer the world. . seas and oceans; This EAU electric yacht, without a doubt, can be a great boat for controlling this conquest, respecting your surroundings and ready to sail for luxury and pleasure.

At the rear of the hull are two small pleasure boats. Fully electric propulsion system provides a cruising speed of 25 knots.

CRN shipyard presented the first render of the 75-meter Begallta superyacht designed by Igor Lobanov

Italian shipyard CRN has distributed images of the new project of the 75-meter motor yacht Begallta. The exterior of the superyacht was designed by the famous Russian designer Igor Lobanov, who had previously announced himself major projects with the world’s leading shipyards. For the interiors answered studio Pulina DNA.

Begallta stands out with its individual lines, combined with modern style, which perfectly complements the innovative motives of CRN and the futuristic concept LobanovDesign. The silhouette of the vessel attracts the eye with its modern design, perfection which gives a narrow nose. A unique stylistic feature of the yacht is the line that runs along the hull and superstructure.

Artificially designed and decorated outdoor areas are perfectly combined with modern style interiors. This is emphasized by the minimalist décor and avant-garde elements that create the atmosphere of a New York loft.

Guests will enjoy the most modern entertainment systems and many attributes of luxurious life near the water, such as a beach club, spa and a variety of water toys. However, detailed information about the project has not yet been disclosed.

Zeelander Z72: a close look at the new 22-meter flagship. Design inspired by Porsche

Zeelander Yachts shipyard has so far produced luxury boats of unmistakable style, not exceeding 55 feet (16.66 meters). However, by the end of the year, the Z72 will be launched, the new flagship of the Dutch fleet with a length of just over 22 meters, which will be available on the market in 2019.

Zeelander Yachts has revealed the details of its recent novelty – the yacht Zeelander Z72. The yacht promises to be a very remarkable flagship of the shipyard, which will combine the design of superyachts and a high level of decoration with a special profile of the Zeelander boats.

The Z72 will receive a special curved form of the bulwark, and the rounded transom will unfold, revealing a spacious bathing platform. Three pairs of large windows in the hull complement the curved shape of the yacht itself. The exterior was designed by the shipyard’s design team in conjunction with Cor D. Rover, who had also previously designed the Zeelander Z44.

Inspired by Porsche. From the first advances left to filter, the style will not differ much from that of the already known models, all characterized by a line inspired by the car coupé and with a double face stern, which opens and closes according to the needs of the moment.

The interior of the Z72 is created by the shipyard’s own design team. Large glass surfaces surround the entire cabin, in front of which is a steering post, and behind it is a large dining table. In the aft designed functional galley.

On the lower level are three cabins. “Master” is in the front and is equipped with a double bed. The finish is made of dark varnished wood and leather.

Two double guest cabins are located in the central part of the hull. Each of them has a separate latrine and shower. The crew cabin is also located on the lower deck, it is accessible through a separate hatch in the stern.

On board the Z72 provides a garage for the tender. The yacht will be equipped with three Volvo Penta IPS engines with a power of 1000 hp, which will allow her to reach a speed of 40 knots maximum. The ship will also be equipped with Seakeeper gyrostabilizers.

Super RIB: Fiorentino and SACS’ new 5000-HP luxury chase boat

The Milan-based Federico Fiorentino design studio and the Lombard manufacturer of high-speed RIB’s SACS, represented by the custom boat division of Bespoke Operation Division, have created a conceptual project under the code designation X-80 or, as they have already called it Super RIB.

The spacious layout includes a lounge (25 m²), two guest cabins and accommodation for the crew. For the owner provides a master cabin in the middle of the ship. On the open deck (60 m²) there is a seating area with sun loungers.

Along the perimeter, the concept is surrounded by pontoons filled with foam in order to reduce the impact of strikes on the hull of the RIB itself and on the ship to which it is moored.

An Italian design company worked on the X-80 boat in collaboration with the SACS shipyard. This is not the first collaboration of two large companies. The marine architecture of the entire Rebel line was also designed by the Federico Fiorentino and SACS collaboration.

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