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Dog services in Monaco – how much does the Principality do for our four-legged friends?

Sometimes, it seems that there are more dogs than kids in Monaco. Every time I leave my house for work or to run an errand, I can count on seeing plenty of happy dogs accompanying their owners to various places around the principality. When the kids are at school, the dogs take center stage.

You would think that Monaco would be the ideal location for anyone wanting to start a successful dog service business. People here are more willing to spend money on dog care, more so than anywhere else in the world.

dogs services

So, why doesn’t Monaco have more dog services and facilities?

Unfortunately, options are scarce for dog-owners wanting to take care of and spend time with their pets. Where in Monaco are dogs able to run around freely in a green and safe environment? What amenities are available for dog owners in the principality?

There is no special area for dog walking, no parks or trails. There used to be a small dog area in Fontvieille, attached to the kid’s playground, but that has since been closed.The streets of Monaco are perfectly safe to walk your dog, yet there is no park or designated area where dogs can be let off their leash and allowed to run and play. Most residents are forced to drive to the hills surrounding Monaco, such as La Turbie or Roquebrune Cap-Martin, to find some open green spaces.

dogs services

Though many Monaco residents are known for their jet setter lifestyles, no dog or cat friendly hotels seem to exist near the principality, leaving owners to rely on the kindness of a friend to take care of their beloved pets while they are away. However, there are some alternatives to a hotel; one service called ‘Pension Milou’ offers a secure and loving home away from home for pets along the Côte d’Azur. It’s run by a lady with extensive dog experience who opens her home to dogs while their owners are away.

In actual fact, there are some great dog services and amenities around Monaco that you probably weren’t aware of, but that are a godsend for many dog owners.

dogs services

One thing you’re likely to notice as you walk around the principality is that there are many pooper scooper bag stands dotted around, encouraging a clean environment and ensuring that you always have a way of cleaning after your dog – they are even eco-friendly!

‘For Pets Only Shop & Spa’, located in the center of Monaco, offers original and stylish accessories for dogs and cats as well as careful pet grooming and boasts excellent reviews. Monaco does have some great dog grooming services, including ‘1001 Pattes Grooming’, branded “a pleasure palace for your pets”, and ‘4 Pattes Services’ that offer pet grooming from the comfort of your home. Not only are pets groomed, but also trained! O.K. Dog MC allows you to hire a professional dog trainer to train and care for your dog – the service is very popular with Monaco residents.

dogs services
Princess Caroline with her dog

The principality also has plenty of eager and enthusiastic dog-sitters within a range of prices, all prepared to look after your pet for the day or in the evening when you can’t be at home, feeding and cuddling your dog and ready to offer a familiar face while you’re away. ‘Doggy Adventures’ is a professional and established dog sitting service that includes dog walking, running and sitting across the French Riviera, and is also Pet First Aid Certified.

When it comes to your pet’s health, there are a few veterinarians located in the Principality providing attentive and professional care. The ‘Clinique Vétérinaire Monaco-Fontvielle’ is known to offer excellent quality service, with staff that are committed to caring for your animal. The Clinique Veterinaire du Soleil, located in Cap D’Ail near the Marriott hotel, also offers a great and caring service for your pet that is friendly and English speaking – check our their gallery of pet patients on their website! Personally, I take my pets to the Clinique Vétérinaire in Beausoleil, located just above Monaco. We have used Dr. Robotti’s service for over 10 years and have always felt that our pets were looked after and given the best treatment.

dogs services
Source: Jilly Benneth photography

Lastly, if you’re looking for a fun gift to give to your pet-loving friend this year, there is an online dog portrait service run by a lady called Katie Lancaster who is passionate about animals and art – just send her a photograph of the beloved pet and she will recreate the picture using watercolours. What a fun idea to commemorate your cat or dog!

What do you think about the dog services in Monaco and are there any changes you’d like to see? Do you think the principality is doing enough for our four-legged friends?

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