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Electric Bus Test on the CAM’s Network

This autumn, in view of the gradual electrification of its fleet of buses, the Monegasque Bus Company (CAM) will test four all-electric buses, by various manufacturers – two minibuses of 8-9 m and two 12-m standard buses.

The first electric bus to be tested will be an 8.9-m minibus by the Polish manufacturer Solaris, on loan from the Sète city network.  It will run on Route 5 from 14 October to 8 November, and on Route 3 from 9 to 24 November.

Then, from the end of October and for a period of three months, the CAM will test two buses by the Chinese manufacturer CRRC:  an 8.2-m minibus on Route 3 and a standard 12-m bus on Routes 1 and 2.  These buses are distributed in Europe by the French company Clément-Bayard.

Finally, from mid-November, the CAM will operate a standard 12-m bus on Routes 1 and 2, by the Spanish manufacturer Irizar.

“The feasibility study will be carried out jointly by the Department of Forward Studies, Urban Planning and Mobility (DPUM) and the Mission for Energy Transition” confirmed Séverine Canis, Director of the DPUM, specifying that, “The aim is to have a thorough knowledge of the operating conditions of electric buses in the Principality, and in particular their energy consumption with regard to Monaco’s special characteristics, including the steep slopes.”

The data collected will enable the Government and the CAM to determine the most appropriate charging system for the electrification of the 42 buses that serve the six routes of the network.


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